How to quit smoking weed or cope without weed for a few days

Do you want to quit smoking weed? Are you trying to cope with not having weed to smoke? Do you smoke every day all day and now you ran out? If you are trying to cope with out smoking weed for a few days or quit all together, please read this.

This blog is a document of Stanley’s experience in fighting the weed addiction when he did not have any. This is Stanley’s experience:

“Every time I smoke weed it calms the mental movies in my head. Mental Movies are those moments in my mind that give me a flash back of an aggravating moment in my life. Ironically, mental movies also consist of moments that anger me and did not happen. When I smoke weed, I actually calm those movies in my mind. Also, I smoke weed because I am lonely and I don’t want to spend too much money to enjoy myself.

When my stash is low, the first thing I want to do is call someone or go on the hunt. However, one day it hit me. Even when I am high the mental movies still occur, so what’s difference!? So one day, I said, let me just not smoke for a few days and see what happens.

The first step to do when you want to quit smoking weed or cope for a few days without smoking weed is to first minimize it in your mind. Do this by saying to yourself: I am still the same with or without the weed and I can still enjoy living without smoking. Say this even if you do not believe it. Autosuggestion is a powerful tool for any kind of achievement.

The second step to do when you want to quit smoking weed or cope for a few days without smoking weed is not to jump to the dealer when your pot stash is low. Smoke your whole weed stash out without caring when you will get some more. If you can do this, you are on your way. If you cannot do this, then you are not ready for the next steps and you must master this mental behavior in order to quit smoking weed or cope a few days without it. This step cannot be ignored. For example, if you were down to your last bud, do not call the dealer, smoke the last bud and do not go for any more weed. Finish out your last day of smoking weed and try to live your day. Go to sleep and wake up the next day. If you can’t do this step, master it until you can or else you won’t succeed.

The third step is the hardest, because it is your first whole day without any marijuana. It is a moment of truth. You trained your mind and body to get high when you wake up or start your day. You never relied on yourself or your mental power to ever cope with the day. Heck, the last time you may have done this was when you were a kid. Matters of fact, many adults want to go back to being a child again, because of the simplicity of life and the feeling of cleanliness. That feeling you have on your first day is just that, you’re a kid again. This is the feeling you use to feel when you were young, so enjoy it. The only thing is that your body and mind is out of wack and anxious from not smoking after all those endless days with ganja. To combat this, do some pushups, take a shower or eat something. This makes you feel a bit stimulated. You see, a pot head who wakes and bakes or conditions their mind to smoke is consuming something. Your body does not care what it consumes, it just wants to be stimulated by some kind of consumption. This is why people drink tea or coffee or they drink soda. From there, go about your day as you would, as hard as it will be. What you will feel is smoke shakes and maybe some sweats, but it is just your body telling you that you didn’t smoke weed today, no big deal. This third step in quitting weed or going without it for a few days is the hardest. However, once you get through this day, you quickly get used to it. The problem is I substitute human interaction and other stimulating activities for weed so long that I become programmed. This third step can reprogram you.

The fourth step is going to sleep for the first day sober. It is very hard. Especially as during the first day fighting those mental movies was impossible. As far as mental movies go, just say to yourself: I did the best I can and be patient until the movie is over. That is the only thing one can do, because you will never get rid of your demons, it is embedded in you, just make peace with it so you do not fight yourself any more. So, sleeping sober is the roughest part. Your sleeping habits will actually be messed up for a few days. Your first day sober is the worst, you will be sweating and bouncing off the walls, you may not even sleep. However, if you can get past this one horrible night the other days will be easier.

The fifth step is pretty much a repeat of step four. Make a new pattern for yourself. A lot of pot heads smoke weed first thing, well you must do something else such as: eat, shower or exercise. Another important thing to do is get some fresh air for a few minutes or possibly take a walk. This will do wonders. What you should not do is drink it off because to battle one addiction with another won’t work. Going to sleep the second day will be better, but not as good as when you were smoked up. To end the fifth step, you must go to bed a little earlier than you would usually. Once you get a good sober nights rest, weed addiction becomes small potatoes.

The sixth step is again the same. Enjoy your new found routine. On the third day, it should be less of an issue. On the third day of not smoking weed, the anxiety you had of not having any more becomes a non issue. After the third day, you can actually make a choice: should I get some more weed or am I going to say, who cares, no big deal. This step is the difference between someone who wants to quit smoking weed for real and someone who just wanted to cope for a few days without weed. This day is the crossroad. You will actually have the power to do so.

Weed addiction is different from other addictions as pot plays on hypothetical what ifs and anxieties. Once you get past that, you are in the clear.

You have to remember the best part of drug use is experiencing your body go through the feeling of not having any. Why? For the reason that, experiencing drugs is an experience and the day after of no drugs to recall the last day is another experience. Human nature is to experience life.

Greed is a big part of any addiction.

Fix yourself mentally and it can happen physically. If you really and truly do this, you can quit smoking weed all together. Or you can go from someone who needed to smoke weed every day, all day, to someone who can have control over not smoking weed when they don’t have any. “

We at issue jab hope that you can enjoy a life style without your life style enjoying you. Addiction is terrible and when you are addicted it is even more terrible. When you feel like crap due to not having weed or if you are forced to not smoke maryjane for a while, don’t look up pot dealers on Craigs list, just read this over again.

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The word: “Thug” and its relation to racism in America and the media.

It has been debated that the word “thug” is possibly a racist code word to refer to African Americans or other minority groups who are documented in news stories for committing a crime.

Is the word Thug racist? Does the word thug have racial undertones?

Subconsciously it may have strong racial undertones. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that calling someone a thug is a strong word. A thug is one step below a terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. Let us look at where the word derives from? If the word “thug” is a tree its roots are the Sanskrit word it came from: Thugee.

The Thugee are an ancient Indian sect that worshipped the beautiful Goddess Kali. In the Hindu religion Kali is a warrior Goddess who was sent here to destroy a demon on Earth at that time. However, this specific sect of Hindus and Muslims were criminals. They would murder by strangulation and rob all through India. Their victims were tourists, traveling businessmen, their fellow countrymen, and English colonialist. At the end of the Thugee reign of terror their murder count rose close to a million people. A law maker from England who managed a region of England’s colonized India started a campaign to rid India of the Thugee sect.  This law maker imprisoned them and separated them from their families, many times even jailing the Thug’s families ensuring the extinction of this treacherous group.  After the extinction of the Thugee anyone who was a threat to English rule in India was referred to as a Thugee or “thugs” and given the same kind of oppressive treatment as it was easier to incriminate someone to favor the English agenda.

With that in mind, for a broadcaster to call someone a thug to refer to minorities protesting or a protest gone wrong may be likening them to the ancient group of individuals who terrorized and killed millions of people for over 400 years, the Thugee sect. This may be how a conservative talk host who says this term may feel about the subject they are describing. We cannot say it was not well thought out because in a broadcast news setting there are multiple meetings and approvals needed for the use of certain words.

So, yes, the word “thug” has an extreme racial undertone as it really exemplifies how the host is feeling when they refer to someone in a news cast or talk show. I am not condoning any violence at a protest that was caused by a small group that made it hard for peaceful protestors to exercise their right to protest, and if you commit a crime you should be arrested. However, words have power and in the media business a word can label you for good. So the next time we call someone a thug let’s make sure the action in question is identical to the actual Thugee sect in which the word Thug comes from.  With that in mind, it may have been wrong for Tupac Shakur and a generation to refer to themselves as thugs because they are not one fraction as evil as the ancient Thugee sect was.

Just because two fat girls shut down a Bernie Sanders campaign doesn’t make them “thugs,” it makes them a nuisance at that moment. If some young protestor shoulder blocks a news anchor and that fat news anchor falls to the floor and is ok afterwards, that young protestor is not a “thug,” he is a saint and a child of God. Jai Kali Ma!!!!  Check our sources to see how we come to our reasoning, especially if you want to delve in to the meaning of “thug” for your own research.



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Long Term Unemployed and its relation to a lack of participation in the work force

You hear the following saying often when describing someone who is long term unemployed: “they don’t want to work.” Is that true? Or has the environment for employees and people seeking employment become so hostile that it is pushing people out of the work force?

We are going to discuss a lot of issues that plague the everyday individual in the work force. After reading this you will see that the long term unemployed have been a forgotten casualty in the war on the poor.

When we hear about the unemployment rate you cannot believe it. The current unemployment rate is supposedly at a better rate than one of the most prosperous times in America, the 1990’s. For example, the unemployment rate in 1999 was 4.1 percent; however, the current unemployment rate is 4.3 percent. It’s a bogus indicator and as long as we rely on this we are in a delusion. To be more in depth, the media relies on bureau of labor statistics data on unemployment by means of how many people are collecting unemployment and how many people filed for unemployment after they loss their jobs.

To really understand please consider the process of unemployment benefits in America and what the bureau of labor statistics unemployment rate really is. You lose your job by being let go or being fired. If the situation in which you were let go or fired is not in bad conduct, you can collect an unemployment check as it is your right because they take a percentage of your weekly pay check for that right. When you file for unemployment it is with the Department of Labor. The amount of people who file for unemployment is the numerical percentage of the unemployment rate we hear of on the news. When they file in a month after filing for benefits they receive an unemployment check every week for 6 – 9 months and then the benefits expire. From that point you are considered employed or nonexistent as those people are considered helped after the filing has occurred and the benefits have been given. From there the government feels that they are absolved from those thousands within the month they applied and have exhausted all benefits. Keep in mind, after exhaustion of benefits you are in many times not eligible to reapply for unemployment and most who cannot get unemployment benefits while still unemployed continue to food stamps and other social service programs. So every month, the department of labor issues the new number of people who filed unemployment for that month, and they disregard all those who have exhausted their benefits, but are still looking for a job and cannot reapply. This means that for the thousands who enter or re-enter the work force there are thousands of people who also enter the long term unemployed, a despondent group of thousands in the United States of America who have given up looking for work.

These long term problems in unemployment started at the end of the Bush era, through the Obama Administration and it is continuing in the present era of Donald Trump.

Here is a combination of reasons as to why many people are long term unemployed. There are people who can’t find a job although they want to work. Many are embarrassed to admit it, but many individuals have not worked for years, let alone months; in addition, the long term unemployed range from all ages and all education levels.

Due to the situation described above that many find themselves in, many have pretty much given up looking for work.

Below are the reasons why people have given up seeking employment:

  • Corporate headlocks: This is a term that we at Issue Jab created to define maneuvers that companies use to get over on government regulations and citizens alike. For example, when the Obama care (Affordable Care Act) insurance requirement became law, companies did not want to go in to that expense of purchasing medical insurance for all of their full time employees. In order to get over and avert that law, people were forced to work part time in a way that still takes up most of their productive work week, now with no medical benefits and less pay. Another kind of a corporate headlock is that companies are taking advantage in an employer’s market, for example, businesses have screening processes that are very much demeaning. For example, the multiple hoops one must jump through in order to be considered without even being offered employment: credit checks, criminal checks and drug tests for miniscule jobs like telemarketers or stock clerks is ridiculous and people know it. For a job position that would have been considered a dead end job or a crappy job, employers are holding multiple interviews for. It is demeaning. Another way businesses take advantage of employees is that they will not pay you what you are worth by only paying as much as your last wage, this could be a problem if you want to secure a great job you went to college for but are working at burger king until that chance comes. Also, let us not forget about the software that cancels you out sold to human resource departments by low life advertising agencies that can’t secure a real advertising client. As soon as you put your resume in to Taleo or these other employment software they are programmed to cancel certain words or phrases that sort out a certain type of resume. This means that a computer sees your resume and a human may never. So if you ever wondered why you applied for something you are highly qualified for and never were contacted that could be a reason. In addition to that, should you re-apply and have to log in to the same brass ring or taleo software, it will remember your name or account and always cancel out your application.  This means a person with a gap in their employment or someone who has been freelancing or taking care of someone does not stand a chance.
  • Long term unemployed discrimination with no consideration happens when you reach the three month anniversary of not having a job. When this happens it feels as if one has fell deeper in to an economic quick sand. Employers see that it has been 3 – 5 months or longer and they just zip by your resume. Going on interviews as a long term unemployed person can even be more depressing as the interviewer will have no compassion for someone who honestly cannot find a job and they can be very verbally scrutinizing of that person. After the verbal criticism they are denied the position. That experience further discourages an individual from going back on the job search.
  • The harsh economics of failed job interviews: Whether you drive or take public transportation it cost money to travel to a job interview. For some unlucky folks, they have been going on interview after interview with no sign of getting hired. If you drive it is probably $10 – $20 worth of gas for that trip to the interview, depending on what kind of car you have. If you are taking public transportation in New York City, every time you go on a job interview it cost you $5.75. All of a sudden, you have been on 20 interviews or way more and it adds up. You all of a sudden feel like you are wasting your time and you spent close to $100 or more collectively to hear many forms and phrases of the word “no” by multiple people. Eventually many give up.
  • Traumatizing job search experiences: so you are tired of not being heard from by major employers. You get the feeling that hiring software like Taleo has technically told you to shove it. So you get desperate and go to craigs list. You become hopeful as there are a lot of openings and some get back to you. You end up going on the interviews from craigs list and the interviewer is as clean as a public bathroom in Penn Station. Other times the job postings on craigs list are just downright scams. The other portion of the times job seekers encounter on craigs lists are companies that are extremely unethical on interviews. A person we spoke to recalls an employer from a craigs list post comment on the appearance of the interviewee. We started to check a lot of companies posted on craigs list and many of them are not even registered businesses. The employers who post jobs on craigs list are so sketchy in a scam artist kind of way that you may not feel safe filling out a W2 form with them because they will have your social security number. When you hit this low you realize as far as you are concerned, there are absolutely no jobs out there and you stop looking. On a side note, if you do think about working for a company you found on craigs list make sure that company is in fact a registered corporation.
  • Survival of fittest: For those who are employed it is the law of the jungle. From the time that companies started to lay people off due to the economy the climate became competitive. However, when Barrack Obama mandated by law that companies must provide health insurance to full time employees it became one thousand percent cut throat accompanied by Afghan like hostility in the American corporate workplace. This happen because employers subconsciously felt that some employees are not worth the extra expense. So they did a corporate head lock and danced around the law. Either they fired individuals who were not worth the expense or they clipped employees to part time. Due to that situation, people were and still are on their toes as to the uncertainty of their job. In response people try to show they are working by being competitive. The definition of competition in the American work force is being cut throat as to show an employer that one is competent by sabotaging another person’s work or by saying something false about a colleague. When you fill a position and start a new job many times you are replacing someone and it gets hostile. Competition ensues and there is tension. It becomes stressful as life for 10 hours a day becomes a warzone. Many end up quitting and looking for another job even if they have nothing else lined up.

Long term unemployedIn the blizzard of oppression, politicians and legislators have not done enough to help people who have been victim to a very manipulative, demeaning and hostile labor market. Although some things have been done to protect and help a job seeker, it has been too little and too late.

This is very much one of the many reasons why Donald Trump rose to power. For the past 8 – 10 years there are people in America that have not had a job in years and we are talking about the thousands every few months through the years who have filed unemployment, exceeded their benefits and are not in the count any more. So they do not include these thousands of people in the statistics. If you did, the real unemployment rate would be close to 8 percent or even 10 percent unemployment.

So in 2016 and long before that when President Obama and other politicians would go on TV and tout the low unemployment rate and pass it off as the truth, the long term unemployed felt insulted as if they did not exist, as if they did not count. Hence, it very much could be the case that the “long term unemployed” may have been a swing vote as the jobs platform got Trump voted in, although Clinton had more popular votes numerically. However, that cry for jobs and how the unemployment rate was inaccurate made Trump skyrocket through the republican primaries.

It is depressing to keep being rejected interview after interview. To no fault of their own they are ridiculed by people who have jobs and can’t understand their situation. From there, they just live day to day making money somehow and they never return to the work force out of discouragement and no hope.

There should be a public relations campaign in this country matched with more incentives and laws that get the long term unemployed back to work.

What the long term unemployed have been through and continue to go through is traumatic. The way we count the unemployment rate in America needs to be overhauled. You cannot just count the amount of current people out of work who file for unemployment at a current month and not include the amount of people last month whose benefits ran out, are not able to reapply for unemployment and are still looking for a job. If we did that the unemployment rate would be close to 10%. What is also foolish is how politicians and the news just rely on the bogus indicator of the unemployment rate to determine if people are doing well economically and job wise.

Our hearts go out to the long term unemployed.

Don’t give up and do not let them get you down. The issue of the long term unemployed has been ignored and it should come to the forefront of major discussion. We should talk about this topic more than Russia, emails, Donald Trump’s hand infatuation with vagina, or any other three card monty topic you hear on main stream news.  If you are in a position to hire someone and you are reading this just know- just because someone has not worked in months or years does not mean they are lazy or incompetent. In fact, someone who gets hired after being long term unemployed work their butts off and are an asset to any company. The long term unemployed can be a breeding ground for mass homelessness, lone wolf attacks, mental issues, extremism and crime overall; may the powers that be do something about this.

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Involuntary Population Control: The Return of the HIV epidemic.

An HIV Epidemic is forecasted to return.

The World Health Organization reports a rise in the resistance to HIV drugs.

The alarming statistics display that in 6 out of 11 countries surveyed in Asia, Latin America and Africa, over ten percent of people starting antiretroviral therapy had a strain of HIV that was resistant to the most widely used HIV medicines. The WHO (World Health Organization) is now calling for an urgent review of HIV treatment programs.

How does drug resistance develop?

HIV drug resistance happens when people do not follow their prescribed treatment plan. Not having access to quality care will prompt someone to not follow their treatment plan. Patients who start to have drug resistance will fail therapy and can pass that strain of drug resistant HIV to others. People with drug resistant strains of HIV will result in an increase in HIV levels in their blood. The solution is a new treatment regimen which can be very hard to obtain for people who are in third world countries.

This may prove to be a return of the HIV epidemic. In the next five years HIV drug resistance can run up a bill of millions of dollars, claim 135,000 more lives and infect 105,000 additional people. This may be inevitable if nothing is attempted to prevent the situation.

HIV Drug Resistance will also ravage the Transgender community contributing to the return of the HIV epidemic.

Transgender women were born as male gender stated on their birth certificates and identify now as women. They are said to be at a very high risk of HIV acquisition. A study by the National Institute of Health and Gilead Science reports that among transgender women infected with HIV in Los Angeles, half of them were concerned about taking their HIV medication and hormone therapy at the same time. The reason they have concerns with taking Antiretroviral therapy for HIV and feminizing hormone therapy for their transition to female is that the drug interaction can be harmful. Why this interaction is harmful remains a mystery in the medical community. This concern may be prompting these individuals from taking the HIV medications or the hormone therapy, or both.

As discussed earlier in this article, the interruption of antiretroviral medication for HIV can make the HIV in the infected person HIV drug resistant and at a higher risk of spreading the disease. The center for disease control states that transgender women are at a very high risk of contracting the HIV virus. Twenty two percent of transgender women surveyed in five high income countries were living with HIV.

These are two deadly situations occurring at the same time. It spells trouble for the goal of trying to eradicate HIV by 2030. This can be an epidemic.

Between the unfortunate in third world countries who are not able to keep up with their regimen and the transgender communities adversities of bodily pain when combining hormones and HIV meds, there can be a surge of HIV strains that are drug resistant. When you couple that with the other possibility of this resistant strain being passed on to other people, it’s just ingredients for epidemic soup.

The use of condoms is a must for everyone. People of all preferences should protect themselves. This website welcomes readers from all walks of life, faiths and preferences. All are welcome. In no way were we trying to offend anyone. All of what we write is sourced with links on the bottom. We wish everyone safety, good health and that you come back to read our new articles on

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Rapid DNA ACT: Are we violating privacy in the name of Justice?

Rapid DNA: is it progress or is it a problem?

You can order a DNA report and get it faster than a dominoes pizza on a Friday night. You can now receive a DNA report in ninety minutes, it is a technique called “Rapid DNA. “ In the past it took weeks to obtain DNA results.

The first time Rapid DNA was used was in 2013. This technique helped convict burglars who stole $30,000 worth of items from an Airbase in Florida.

Bipartisan support from both Congress and the Senate were expressed for this bill. Now, this law is waiting to be signed by the president. This law will let Rapid DNA be utilized amongst law enforcement.

This law is titled: HR 510 Rapid DNA act of 2017. The intentions of the rapid DNA act are to quickly determine if someone who was just arrested is a rapist. In addition to that, the Rapid DNA act can possibly prove that someone is innocent.

The people who support this bill feel that tax dollars will be saved as DNA results can be expedited efficiently. This bill will lessen the backlog of DNA waiting to be tested.

Opponents of the HR 510 rapid DNA act of 2017 state a violation of privacy. By law, DNA samples can be taken without a warrant. It can be expected that more DNA will be taken from criminals and those arrested for anything. For low level offenses this may be misleading as multiple DNA can be traced to multiple people, this could possibly incriminate someone who could be innocent. What is alarming is the rapid DNA technique may render a rape kit extinct. The technique of rapid DNA has only been tested in single source DNA, such as a cotton swab in the mouth. Therefore, it may not be effective in multiple sources of DNA.

A cop can plant evidence on you. That has been proven time and time again in news stories. Let us hope and pray that with the enactment of the Rapid DNA law  it is not possible for a cop to plant an individual’s DNA on a crime scene to incriminate someone.

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Tattoo Removal: Laser Surgery vs. Do It Yourself Ointment Creams

Tattoo Removal Procedures: helpful information on a task that needs doing.

It is not 1999 anymore and that barb wire tattooed on your arm looks outdated. Perhaps you have your lover’s name on your arm, you just got divorced and now you have a court order to give your ex-lover half of what you own, but you can keep the tattoo. Whatever your reason is, you made a mistake and you want that damn tattoo to disappear. You did not make the right choice when picking a tattoo, so make sure you choose the best method for removing your tattoo.

So what are the best options for removing my tattoo?

Well, let us briefly start with the worst option for removing your tattoo. Creams and tattoo removal ointments seem to be the worst option for tattoo removal. Why? These do-it-yourself tattoo removal ointment creams have not been reviewed by the FDA. Furthermore, there has been no clinical evidence that it works. It has been reported that these creams can cause unexpected rashes, burning, scarring, and possibly changes in your skin pigmentation.

The best option to remove your tattoo is laser surgery. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration states that the option of laser surgery is a safe option for removing your tattoo.

How does laser removal work?

When a laser is used to remove your tattoo, a pulse of high intensity laser energy pass through the epidermis of your skin and absorbs the ink pigment. The laser breaks that pigment in to smaller particles. You end up excreting or metabolizing that ink pigment through your body. In other cases the pigment is transported to your lymph nodes or other tissues in your body. Different tattoo colors require different kinds of lasers in order to remove it. Tattoos with colors such as yellow, green and red are the hardest colors to remove; however, colors such as blue and black are the easiest to remove.  Usually, more than one laser surgery is required in order for your tattoo to be fully removed. It may take 6 – 10 laser surgeries to remove your tattoo and you have to take a few weeks to heal between surgeries. The exact amount depends on the colors and the size of the tattoo.

tattoo removal Are there any side effects and pain involved with a laser surgery tattoo removal procedure?

As far as pain goes, it is said that the process feels like a rubber band being snapped against your skin by someone who hates you. Side effects of using a laser to remove your tattoo are pinpoint bleeding, soreness, redness and possibly scarring. It is important to note that laser devices for tattoo removal should be administered by a dermatologist, this is the only way the FDA is clearing the use of this method. You should not use a laser to remove a tattoo yourself.

Don’t Feel bad.

A lot of people regret their tattoos, you are not alone. Tattoo removal seems to be a big business. The FDA reports from a Harris Interactive poll from 2012 that 1 in 8 adults in America regret the tattoo they have. The FDA also reports via the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery that from the year 2011 there have been at least 175,000 tattoo removal procedures. There seems to be no stop in the increase of these procedures for the years to come.


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Mind Control, how it works: The science and mechanics of Mind Control through manipulating Synaptic Plasticity.

People talk about Illuminati mind control, but nobody is able to actually describe how it works.

Mind control is becoming real and the actual process is something out of a science fiction movie. Keep reading to understand how mind control really works.

It seems that mind control starts with the manipulation of the learning process. That process is called Synaptic Plasticity. To be exact, Synaptic Plasticity is a natural process in the brain that is fundamental to the learning process. This natural process involves the strengthening and weakening of the junctions between two neurons.

Darpa’s new research called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) is determined to increase a human’s capacity to learn. This breakthrough will create the mechanics and foundation of Mind Control as we know it.

mind control How will they do this? Targeted Neuroplasticity Training will electrically stimulate peripheral nerves which will make the brain more adaptive during the most important parts of the learning process. In addition, peripheral nerves are the on and off switches for actions involving the muscles, organs and a host of other bodily functions.

Through the precise manipulation of these peripheral nerves the neural connections in the brain will be strengthened. The intention for the Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program is to accelerate learning and decrease the time it takes to train foreign language specialists, intelligence analysts, cryptographers, and others. The goal is to use this scientific process to cut cost and save  time on training within the Department of State.

At this point, Darpa is looking in to invasive and non invasive ways to stimulate and manipulate peripheral nerves. To be more in depth on what Darpa has stated is that stimulation of the nerves through the skin can activate regions in the brain that involve learning.  It can create signals that may trigger the release of neurochemicals in the brain that reorganize neural connections in response to specific experiences.  Through this method, mind control is actually possible by controlling synaptic plasticity, the natural process on our brain. (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

The means of how this may be possible is by means of a microchip or possibly an injection.

So is this good or is this bad?

A delicate social issue such as this can be likened to beauty as it is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Let us start with the good in it. Increased learning and a smarter public sounds great. Perhaps someone with dementia or depression can benefit from Targeted Neuroplasticity Training. People with mental trauma can be mentally corrected. Possibly an obsessive compulsive disorder patient can be retrained to not do repetitive unproductive habits.

What could be bad about this? The unnatural feel is a major turn off. A microchip implant is surreal and scary. Could a microchip implant be susceptible to hacking such as a pace maker can? Is it possible that how a pace maker can be shut off by a hacker; a hacked microchip from nerve stimulation can make you have constant diarrhea or run on the street naked? Can a human be electrocuted if he walks in the rain with his implanted microchip? Will it pop out during sex? Will I accidentally put in my girlfriend’s microchip by mistake?

Is it ethical to alter the human body like this? We have witnessed what some groups will do for embryos, what about electronically controlled humans? Could there be a possibility that prisoners will be implanted to keep corrections officers safe? Could a new war in the Middle East be made in the name of democracy to microchip Habib so he does not shoot an AK-47 for Allah? It could be credible.

As of right now, microchips implanted in humans that execute targeted neuroplasticity training in humans to manipulate synaptic plasticity is far away. Although chip implants for payment and data are here. However, in a democracy we have a choice, right? Everything is tied to a carrot on a stick. You have two choices: stop being a rabbit or stop eating carrots. I suggest you do both.

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Can Glutamine be the missing link in stopping herpes from reactivating in your body?

Recent study shows glutamine can prevent the herpes simplex virus from reactivating in the body.

A recent experiment concluded Glutamine supplements were able to suppress the herpes simplex virus in guinea pigs and mice. This research was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and conducted by scientist from the National Institute of Health.  The experiment lead to a conclusion that glutamine helped increase the T cells which fought off the virus and stopped the herpes reactivation.

In further detail, scientist infected mice with HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus 1) and they infected guinea pigs with HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus 2). Two weeks later, the animals were divided in to two groups. In one group, the animals were given a glutamine supplement, in the other group the animals were given nothing. The group of animals given the glutamine supplement had an increase of T-cells in their nerve tissues. T-cells fight off sickness in the body. It was reported that the mice given the glutamine supplement were less likely to have  a herpes reactivated outbreak in their body after they were infected.

Please note that this has not been tested on humans yet. There is no proof that if humans eat glutamine supplements or foods high in glutamine their herpes will disappear forever. I am not a doctor and I am not a medical professional. However, if I had herpes and I came across the research described in this post, I personally would look in to taking a glutamine supplement or I would eat foods high in glutamine. (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

So what is glutamine? Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in your body. It occurs in the blood and the muscles. When the body goes through illness or injury the body fails to naturally make glutamine.

Glutamine has been used to counter the side effects of medical treatments. It has also been used for treatment in certain surgeries and other illnesses. Foods high in Glutamine are: beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices, wheat, papaya, brussel sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like miso For Glutamine supplements, the recommended dosage is 2-15 grams a day.

Please note: there is no cure for herpes, at the moment. We at are not doctors and we are not medical professionals. Whenever you are on check our sources and you be the judge.

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Tug of War between America and China over World Financial Influence

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is becoming more influential in the world.

Their reach is growing as Argentina is the sixth Latin American country to join. Argentina is said to have been going through financial difficulties as of late. It was reported that after Argentina suffered a debt crisis they were not able to get financing.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) may be perceived as saviors when they come to the aid of a country that would not have received it otherwise.

The AIIB is now gaining influence in the Latin world. This can spell trouble for the United States and its allies when you really take a look in to what is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The AIIB was established in January 2016, but the idea of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was floating around since 2013. Investopedia has stated that observers of the AIIB see it as challenging other international lending bodies that have America’s interest at heart such as: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development bank.

America may start to look less like the “big man on campus” if more countries are able to get help from the AIIB when the main international lending bodies won’t help them. It can foster a loyalty for China and its values. The main value of China is communism, a concept that is extremely hazardous to democracy.

With six Latin American countries already members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the United States risks losing influence to China. With more Latin countries with increasing interest in the AIIB, the United States may lose its status as a major player. When countries that are financially hurting have “a new daddy” and it is not the United States, any command or statement from the U.S. will hold less weight, therefore, be less meaningful to the international world.

In addition to Argentina, below is a list of countries that have a membership with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:

Australia , Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunel Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong , Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyz republic, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

Will America’s world influence be weakened by China’s new found financial muscle called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)? Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a soft way for China to extend their red empire? Only time will tell. What is for sure is that the increasing power of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is something that should be of some concern for the United States as the financial tentacles of China successfully stretch to every direction of the world.


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The Death Traps of America – Developers are creating another Hurricane Katrina Situation

Inland communities will suffer another Hurricane Katrina situation in America which will result in death and homelessness on a grand scale.

Can another Hurricane Katrina type catastrophe happen again in America? Yes it can and it may be inevitable. Floods are the most common natural disaster as well as the most deadly natural disaster according to the National Science Foundation. Based on research results from the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, development on American coastal flood zones have decreased. However, development in flood zone inland communities has increased in the United States.

As global warming becomes the new normal, flooding is the cheese on the climate change pizza. A scientist at Louisiana State University calls the trend to develop in inland communities “worrisome.” It has been labeled worrisome because many of these inland communities are vulnerable to flooding. It must be noted that flooding in inland communities are a step below the seriousness of flooding in a coastal flood zone. Nonetheless, the damage can still be brutal.

Three counties in America at risk of suffering Hurricane Katrina like damage to their areas are:

  • Gulf of Mexico: Cameron Parish in Louisiana, with 93.6 percent of its population in the flood zone.
  • Monroe County in Florida, with 91.4 percent of its population in the flood zone.
  • Galveston County in Texas, with 82.8 percent of its population in the flood zone.

The National Science Foundation has stated that people are more knowledgeable about natural disasters than they were ten years ago but there are still many who are oblivious. A lack of knowledge was the root of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Lives could have been saved if the residents of New Orleans knew the seriousness of that hurricane regarding living below sea level and not staying in an area that is below sea level during an event that will lead to a flood.

As many people have left coastal flood areas for inland communities they feel they are out of the woods when it comes to the effects of hurricanes, such as flooding. On the contrary, they are not. Inland communities are in fact a danger zone in regards to flooding. With these areas becoming very populated, the probability of a tremendous loss of life increases if a massive flood occurs in a crowded inland community area full of people who were not informed of the repercussions of living in an inland community flood zone.

In addition, hotspots located in New York City and Miami have seen an upsurge in development in flood zones. As the cancer of gentrification is in stage four it is right to assume that these death traps of real estate developments will continue. Furthermore, many people can be displaced causing a homeless epidemic of mass proportions.

Make sure you know which coastal zone you live in to know how serious the impact a natural occurrence of Earth can be to your life. You may have to seek higher ground. Stay safe.


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