Oppression by Mass Incarceration: The current situation of the Aborigine People of Australia

The aborigine people of Australia are under siege by mass incarceration.

Twenty seven percent of Australia’s prison population is Aborigine. However, the Aboriginal people of Australia are only three percent of the population. The astonishing numerical rate of aboriginal people incarcerated in Australia right now almost feels like a mini holocaust. A hundred plus years after Australian colonization, these numbers make you feel as if colonization is still alive and well in Australia.

Only three percent of Australia’s population is Aborigine. That is roughly 669,900 Aborigines in the country. Of the total amount of the Aborigine population: 180,873 Aborigines are incarcerated. That is twenty seven percent of 669,900. Furthermore, that does not account for the oppressed minorities that are arrested.  These numbers are derived from the United Nations. Some of the reported amongst the incarcerated Aborigine in Australia have been as young as 12 years old.

The cause of this issue seems to be a lack of government funding for these indigenous communities.

With the probability of job prospects next to zero and a lack of education, poverty and imprisonment seems to be the unfortunate destiny of the Aborigine population of Australia.

You can almost liken the Aborigine to the African American in the United States of America. African Americans are only 12% of the population and are also an astronomical percentage of the American prison population.

In America, an African American is more likely to be locked up or have their kid taken by child protective services as opposed to someone who is a Caucasian American; the United Nations reports that it is also the same for the Aborigine. Any minority in America will effortlessly tell you that they have family or know someone who has been arrested, at least. With a total population of 669,900 Aborigines and 180,873 of that total being imprisoned, the social ramifications on this minority group are agonizing.  Considering an African American population in the millions, and an Aborigine population in the thousands, you can imagine, one Aborigine family has at least two family members in jail or have someone in their life that is locked up. This is true misery. The feeling a family has, in addition to the effect it has on the children are some of the many dilemmas caused by someone who is in jail. The whole family suffers as the bread winner is arrested. Whether someone is guilty or innocent is a different conversation, but when 27 percent of a prison population derives from a minority group that makes up 3 percent of the mass population of one country is oppressive policy if not neglectful policy.

The numbers point to a social slaughter of a people who were given the spiritual right of a land that was colonized from them. Only time will tell what will happen to an embattled people deprived of help, pounded by a policy that works against them. Let’s hope for the best.

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