AFGHAN WATER CRISIS: Afghanistan’s war over water

The AFGHAN WATER CRISIS will be the new reason for war in Afghanistan. The new face and cause for the most gruesome wars to come in Afghanistan will be over water.

Due to the AFGHAN WATER CRISIS, tensions are expected to boil over to a level never seen before between the Taliban, the Afghan government and Afghan farmers. A new war can happen any moment. These tensions are stemming from a lack of implementation on current water laws. In America the wheels of justice move slow enough; imagine a horribly tuned machine like Afghanistan? If you look at current events in Afghanistan it is clear that the wheels of justice surely do move as slow as expected for an undemocratic third world country.

As the wheels move slowly to implement the water law that does not deprive some Afghani farmers over others the outcome will most likely lead to many farmers’ crops burning in an unforgiving sun. This will certainly cause an uprising with the people of Afghanistan. What will that uprising result in? Will it be an increase in Taliban membership? Will it mean new factions in certain territories waging war for water?

It is a political sewer back up of a situation when considering the death grip of Sharia law in Afghanistan that regards water as sacred. In addition, there are mirabs or neighborhood shot callers that ration water. These mirabs are required at their own discretion to be objective, fair and democratic when rationing water to the people of Afghanistan.  Can we really rely on the mirabs to have the characteristics mentioned in the last sentence? I don’t think we can. This is why, if this situation does not get resolved Allied troops in the region can be in danger of being sucked into another war that really has nothing to do with the security of Allied Nations (U.S. Europe, and their allies). Now, if the mirabs aren’t bad enough, there are five councils to resolve these disputes and implement a fair policy before it reaches the court. This system isn’t rigged, IT’S STUPID!

In addition to the war within, the global warming crisis can make the Afghan water supply very scarce or make parts of the region flooded leaving their land under siege and inhabitable, causing a refugee crisis or a real estate dispute for bodies of water in neighboring territories. Afghanistan is surrounded by six countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Pakistan, and Iran; an occurrence of nature accelerated by our current state of consumption can leave whatever is left of a country affected by water issues brought on by global warming to possibly annex parts of a neighboring country where the source of water is by the border.  That can lead to a multiregional war or possibly a world war as the Afghan border is near countries with influence on major players in the international community.

As allied forces bang their heads against the walls on how to nation build effectively, fight terror and stop radicals, the solution could be right there in front of their faces. Instead of looking for Taliban in Afghanistan, Allied forces should make a better water system for those people to gain influence over them. If they had water to flush their pea, water their crops, wash their gluteus Maximus and drink a tall glass water on a hot day like a human being, they may be less prone to being terrorists. If the west and Allied forces did something for this region that was generous that the natives knew didn’t come from Allah two great results can happen: a rogue sharia law nation can move towards a secular government and this hostile region will be friendlier to the ways of the Western Hemisphere.

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