Can Donald Trump get impeached

Can Donald Trump get impeached right now?

Can Donald Trump get impeached right now? There are a lot of discussions, rants and chants about getting President Donald Trump impeached.

The question is can he really be impeached at this moment? At this moment, my answer is no. Why? How? Let’s first understand two things: how impeachment works and the will for a politician to kiss butt.

To describe impeachment in a nutshell, Congress has the sole power to impeach a government official and the Senate holds the court hearings regarding such matters. To be more specific, according to “Under the Constitution, the House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach a government official, in effect serving as prosecutor. The Senate then holds the impeachment trial, essentially serving as jury and judge, except in the impeachment of a president, when the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice presides.” (

When you keep in mind the actual process of impeachment and combine it with mathematics, many people are about to be disappointed. As for Mathematics, at the present moment, in Congress there are 238 Republicans and 193 Democrats. In the Senate the numbers add up to 48 Democrats and 52 Republicans. Given the mathematics, a majority of the Republicans and surprisingly a few Democrats are firmly behind Donald Trump like dog nose and ass. So when you consider a congress with an overwhelming majority in support of Trump as there are 238 republicans and the possibility that at least 10 Democrats in the House favor Trump, the sole power of Congress to start an impeachment proceeding seems to be, in my opinion pretty dim. The numbers favor him too much. Furthermore, when you look forward to the impeachment trial that would be handled by the Senate the same principal applies.

Despite a poor and chaotic rollout of the Travel ban, the stock market is on a dramatic rise which may signify a credible chance of business investment in the economy resulting in jobs and that may be something politicians, on a bipartisan level would not want to compromise. Allegations made about the President, although credible are pretty light at the moment, so there again, impeachment still seems far fetch. However, the situation is still unraveling and allegations can become more solid and non-ignorable to address, which could lead to impeachment proceedings, but as of right now while allegations hold some weight but not enough, my opinion is President Donald Trump is still in the clear, for now at least.

So can Donald Trump be impeached? No, not thus far.  It is almost a political football like gay marriage was.

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