Is there cancer in soda? Yea there might be. Its happening in Africa.

Coca-Cola soda products may lead to an explosive cancer epidemic in Africa.

There is a court order from a high court in Lagos, Nigeria to place warning labels on Coca-Cola products to inform people not to consume products such as Fanta and Sprite with vitamin C. Why? In England, where some of these sodas were attempted to be imported from an African bottling plant, samples of popular Coca-Cola products bottled in Africa,  Fanta and Sprite were tested. The result of the test conducted in England was that when these sodas are mixed with vitamin C it creates a toxin in the bodies of those who consume it.

africaHow did it all happen?

Nigerian businessman, Fijabi Adebo ordered a mass quantity of Coca-Cola products to be exported to the UK. Upon arrival at the UK border, the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Trading Standards Department of Environment and Economy Directorate tested small samples of products from Coca-Cola. The products tested were Fanta and Sprite that came out of a Nigerian bottling plant called Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. The results found chemicals such as Sunset Yellow and Benzoic Acid in excessive levels. When these components are mixed with Vitamin C, toxins occur in your body.

From this outcome, a court order was issued to place warning labels on these specific Coca-Cola products coming out of the Nigerian Bottling plant for the mentioned products manufactured in these plants.

The court order was derivative from a lawsuit made by Adebo against the bottling plant. However, a spokesperson from the bottling plant swears these products are safe and Adebo has no case because they were not supposed to be exported.

Although the UK may have dodged a bullet shot by a what seems to be shady business practices to get the lowest priced products in to a high demand market, portions of the world are still at risk as this can happen again and it may be undetected. According to a statement from Coca-Cola on their website: bottling plants in Africa serve forty percent of the markets in the African continent in addition to eleven undeveloped countries nearby.

Africa has billions of people and so do the combination of eleven developing countries. Just do the math on 40% or Africa; it would definitely equal millions of people.

Whether this can happen in America is yet unfounded, but an attempt of tainted imports of popular soft drinks that could have been consumed by millions has been foiled.

However, this problem is far from over because that bottling plant is still in business and they can credibly reach a sizable portion of the 40% of African markets.

In other words, millions of people in Africa and in developing countries may be in contact with highly carcinogenic soda and it gets worse if they consume vitamin C with it.

Is this a health scare or the most organized practical joke ever accomplished in a third world country? This is equivalent to the myth that if you feed seagulls alka-seltzer they’ll explode. Think about it: you take a vitamin C, wash it down with some soda and then it happens, toxins in your body..

With government agencies that protect Americans from these food fiascos being cut under the sword of President Trump, people in the United States may have something to worry about should these imports surface in a bodega somewhere in America.


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