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Mind Control, how it works: The science and mechanics of Mind Control through manipulating Synaptic Plasticity.

People talk about Illuminati mind control, but nobody is able to actually describe how it works.

Mind control is becoming real and the actual process is something out of a science fiction movie. Keep reading to understand how mind control really works.

It seems that mind control starts with the manipulation of the learning process. That process is called Synaptic Plasticity. To be exact, Synaptic Plasticity is a natural process in the brain that is fundamental to the learning process. This natural process involves the strengthening and weakening of the junctions between two neurons.

Darpa’s new research called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) is determined to increase a human’s capacity to learn. This breakthrough will create the mechanics and foundation of Mind Control as we know it.

mind control How will they do this? Targeted Neuroplasticity Training will electrically stimulate peripheral nerves which will make the brain more adaptive during the most important parts of the learning process. In addition, peripheral nerves are the on and off switches for actions involving the muscles, organs and a host of other bodily functions.

Through the precise manipulation of these peripheral nerves the neural connections in the brain will be strengthened. The intention for the Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program is to accelerate learning and decrease the time it takes to train foreign language specialists, intelligence analysts, cryptographers, and others. The goal is to use this scientific process to cut cost and save  time on training within the Department of State.

At this point, Darpa is looking in to invasive and non invasive ways to stimulate and manipulate peripheral nerves. To be more in depth on what Darpa has stated is that stimulation of the nerves through the skin can activate regions in the brain that involve learning.  It can create signals that may trigger the release of neurochemicals in the brain that reorganize neural connections in response to specific experiences.  Through this method, mind control is actually possible by controlling synaptic plasticity, the natural process on our brain. (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

The means of how this may be possible is by means of a microchip or possibly an injection.

So is this good or is this bad?

A delicate social issue such as this can be likened to beauty as it is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Let us start with the good in it. Increased learning and a smarter public sounds great. Perhaps someone with dementia or depression can benefit from Targeted Neuroplasticity Training. People with mental trauma can be mentally corrected. Possibly an obsessive compulsive disorder patient can be retrained to not do repetitive unproductive habits.

What could be bad about this? The unnatural feel is a major turn off. A microchip implant is surreal and scary. Could a microchip implant be susceptible to hacking such as a pace maker can? Is it possible that how a pace maker can be shut off by a hacker; a hacked microchip from nerve stimulation can make you have constant diarrhea or run on the street naked? Can a human be electrocuted if he walks in the rain with his implanted microchip? Will it pop out during sex? Will I accidentally put in my girlfriend’s microchip by mistake?

Is it ethical to alter the human body like this? We have witnessed what some groups will do for embryos, what about electronically controlled humans? Could there be a possibility that prisoners will be implanted to keep corrections officers safe? Could a new war in the Middle East be made in the name of democracy to microchip Habib so he does not shoot an AK-47 for Allah? It could be credible.

As of right now, microchips implanted in humans that execute targeted neuroplasticity training in humans to manipulate synaptic plasticity is far away. Although chip implants for payment and data are here. However, in a democracy we have a choice, right? Everything is tied to a carrot on a stick. You have two choices: stop being a rabbit or stop eating carrots. I suggest you do both.

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Can Glutamine be the missing link in stopping herpes from reactivating in your body?

Recent study shows glutamine can prevent the herpes simplex virus from reactivating in the body.

A recent experiment concluded Glutamine supplements were able to suppress the herpes simplex virus in guinea pigs and mice. This research was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and conducted by scientist from the National Institute of Health.  The experiment lead to a conclusion that glutamine helped increase the T cells which fought off the virus and stopped the herpes reactivation.

In further detail, scientist infected mice with HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus 1) and they infected guinea pigs with HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus 2). Two weeks later, the animals were divided in to two groups. In one group, the animals were given a glutamine supplement, in the other group the animals were given nothing. The group of animals given the glutamine supplement had an increase of T-cells in their nerve tissues. T-cells fight off sickness in the body. It was reported that the mice given the glutamine supplement were less likely to have  a herpes reactivated outbreak in their body after they were infected.

Please note that this has not been tested on humans yet. There is no proof that if humans eat glutamine supplements or foods high in glutamine their herpes will disappear forever. I am not a doctor and I am not a medical professional. However, if I had herpes and I came across the research described in this post, I personally would look in to taking a glutamine supplement or I would eat foods high in glutamine. (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

So what is glutamine? Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in your body. It occurs in the blood and the muscles. When the body goes through illness or injury the body fails to naturally make glutamine.

Glutamine has been used to counter the side effects of medical treatments. It has also been used for treatment in certain surgeries and other illnesses. Foods high in Glutamine are: beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices, wheat, papaya, brussel sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like miso For Glutamine supplements, the recommended dosage is 2-15 grams a day.

Please note: there is no cure for herpes, at the moment. We at are not doctors and we are not medical professionals. Whenever you are on check our sources and you be the judge.

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Tug of War between America and China over World Financial Influence

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is becoming more influential in the world.

Their reach is growing as Argentina is the sixth Latin American country to join. Argentina is said to have been going through financial difficulties as of late. It was reported that after Argentina suffered a debt crisis they were not able to get financing.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) may be perceived as saviors when they come to the aid of a country that would not have received it otherwise.

The AIIB is now gaining influence in the Latin world. This can spell trouble for the United States and its allies when you really take a look in to what is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The AIIB was established in January 2016, but the idea of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was floating around since 2013. Investopedia has stated that observers of the AIIB see it as challenging other international lending bodies that have America’s interest at heart such as: the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development bank.

America may start to look less like the “big man on campus” if more countries are able to get help from the AIIB when the main international lending bodies won’t help them. It can foster a loyalty for China and its values. The main value of China is communism, a concept that is extremely hazardous to democracy.

With six Latin American countries already members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the United States risks losing influence to China. With more Latin countries with increasing interest in the AIIB, the United States may lose its status as a major player. When countries that are financially hurting have “a new daddy” and it is not the United States, any command or statement from the U.S. will hold less weight, therefore, be less meaningful to the international world.

In addition to Argentina, below is a list of countries that have a membership with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:

Australia , Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunel Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong , Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyz republic, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

Will America’s world influence be weakened by China’s new found financial muscle called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)? Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a soft way for China to extend their red empire? Only time will tell. What is for sure is that the increasing power of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is something that should be of some concern for the United States as the financial tentacles of China successfully stretch to every direction of the world.


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Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food on the rise and possibly in your belly; the latest mob hit.

Fake Food and Counterfeit Liquor are on the rise.

Is it possible that you might be at risk of consuming fake food or counterfeit liquor? Yes, in fact you may have eaten or drank it already. From December 2017 to March 2017 authorities seized over 9,800 tons of fake food and 26.4 million liters of counterfeit drink. These seizures took place during 50,000 checks at shops, markets, airports, seaports and industrial estates in 61 different countries. According to Interpol it seems to be the workings of organized crime rackets.

It seems that the new victim for organized crime is your appetite.

The most seized product was counterfeit alcohol. The runners up after fake liquor are meat and sea food. You have to wonder when you are at a barbeque if this hot dog is actually a dog. When you drank a beer and said to a friend that “it taste like piss,” you may have been on to something.

Operation Opson to the rescue.

This operation led by Interpol was assisted by police, customs, food regulatory agencies from all over the world and the private sector. That powerful combination led to $264 million worth of fake food and fake drink taken off of the market place before consumers could have been harmed.

Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food
Courtesy of Interpol

What is alarming that although Interpol and other agencies have thwarted the plan of organized crime food fraud rackets, there may be a good remaining portion on the streets. This means that you may be at risk when you have a cold one or a nice warm meal. Officials from Interpol have encouraged the public to remain vigilant as some fake food and fake drink may still be in circulation.

Furthermore, there may be new trends of fraudulent food and fake drink out there that could have been undetected during the seizures. For example, there was a discovery of counterfeit mineral water in this operation. In addition to unregulated food and fake drink, what were also recovered among what was seized were falsified medicines for cancer, HIV and diabetes. This is outrageous. Blends of different oils were passed off as natural olive oil. Fat burning pills which if consumed would have burned your life with a stroke or a heart attack was intended to be sold to anyone.

Below are the countries where activities were recorded along with their findings of fraudulent food and counterfeit liquor (not all are mentioned):

Rwanda: Fake whiskey and more.

Nigeria: Fake champagne.

Argentina: Killer fat burning pills.

Peru: Expired food, drinks, and preparation substances stored in a rat infested storage unit.

Indonesia: Fake condiments stored in an unsanitary location.

Italy: Fake wine

Russia: Substandard alcohol using faked federal stamps.

The fact that tons of phony goods equaling millions of dollars were intercepted by authorities all over the globe, a massive amount could be in circulation undetected. Moreover, with these findings of fraud world wide, the possibilities of these fake goods hopping in to your grocery bag are extremely high. It doesn’t matter whether you are in America or Africa or anywhere in between, get a taste tester. Now come on, let’s eat.

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Who is really to blame for the May 2017 ransomware attacks? Could it have been the United States?

The May 2017 ransom ware attacks could have been encouraged by the last law passed by the Obama administration: HR Talent Act of 2017

The ransom ware attack that hit The United Kingdom and many vulnerable institutions in Europe has been a mystery. Even someone companies in the United States such as Fed Ex were hit with this ransom ware attack. Although the news media pointed fingers to a North Korean Crime ring that in our opinion is false. There is no crime ring in North Korea; the mafia, the army and the government begin and end with Kim Jong Un.

Well, if it was not the doing of a wack job regime, who was it? We feel signs points to an American policy gone wrong. Many news organizations agree that this was an NSA leak. When it was leaked it fell in to the wrongs hands. The opportunity for a leak could very well have been from the last law enacted by the Obama administration. That law is HR: Talent Act of 2017.

So what is the HR: Talent Act of 2017? In short, this bill was a recruitment frenzy of tech workers in the private sector. This includes software engineers, designers and many other roles. The aim is to keep these tech workers in the public sector of government for 12 months; afterwards they are free to do whatever they want. Well what is the problem? If you are retaining private sector workers in tech for a short period of time you will have to recruit a large amount. You can imagine a background check was minimal. You can also assume that many temporary private sector workers now have access to classified information.

When you really put it all together, you can see how the attainment and leakage of classified information can become a revolving door. Hence, this can make corruption and leaks a dime a dozen.

It was a good idea for the American government to retain their best and brightest in the private tech sector. Many tech specialists are not thinking about public life and the government does need to keep up with the times, for this reason I understand the bipartisan support for this law.

On the contrary, it may not have been the intention of the government to create revolving doors for leaks. However, it may have been this law that created the breeding grounds for the leaks of government technical information such as what is found in the National Security Agency (NSA). We can assume that HR: Talent Act of 2017 was also utilized for placing individuals in the National Security Agency, where the leaks for the latest ransom ware attack took place.

The next time the United States government wants to retain technical talent from the private sector, they should be paid handsomely and retained for three years at least. Why wouldn’t an enemy spy or a lone cock gobbler get paid by the U.S.A. for 12 months and then take the classified information to sell after the year is up? Of course they would! But did they? It is worth thinking about.


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Man vs Machine Conspiracy Podcast – The New World Order Strikes Again

In this Man vs Machine conspiracy podcast the war is on. Who is winning?

Man vs machine is a battle that has been plaguing earth for years. From the latest breakthroughs in policy and technology the war is renewing its rage. In the world of technology you are not safe. Big brother is able to locate you more accurately now. If the machine wants you, it can get you. This podcast explains how biodata on you may be shared right now by multi governments worldwide. Also, this podcast talks about how the technological networks that fuel our social lives will be on the brink of intrusion.

If you like illuminati exposed stuff then listen to this podcast. This podcast is made for people who need more than info wars.

Press play below and listen to our conspiracy audio podcast below.

Topics on this Conspiracy Podcast:

  • In the future, criminal data may be shared by worldwide government agencies. How can it affect you? Listen to this man vs machine conspiracy podcast and find out.
  • The new development on computer circuitry can help you. What if it can be used to target you? It may be easier to spy on you. Listen to the man vs the machine podcast and find out how.
  •  We delve in deeper. This podcast takes a look in to how the computer networks can attack you.  Did you ever wonder how your car can be hacked? Listen to our podcast and find out how.

It’s man versus the machine. Who will win? Listen to this awesome conspiracy podcast. For all of your new world order exposed news, listen here.

The piano jazz song in the background is by Paul Knopf. The name of the song is Strontium 90 from the album: Jazz You Can Feel Volume One.

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Is there cancer in soda? Yea there might be. Its happening in Africa.

Coca-Cola soda products may lead to an explosive cancer epidemic in Africa.

There is a court order from a high court in Lagos, Nigeria to place warning labels on Coca-Cola products to inform people not to consume products such as Fanta and Sprite with vitamin C. Why? In England, where some of these sodas were attempted to be imported from an African bottling plant, samples of popular Coca-Cola products bottled in Africa,  Fanta and Sprite were tested. The result of the test conducted in England was that when these sodas are mixed with vitamin C it creates a toxin in the bodies of those who consume it.

africaHow did it all happen?

Nigerian businessman, Fijabi Adebo ordered a mass quantity of Coca-Cola products to be exported to the UK. Upon arrival at the UK border, the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Trading Standards Department of Environment and Economy Directorate tested small samples of products from Coca-Cola. The products tested were Fanta and Sprite that came out of a Nigerian bottling plant called Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. The results found chemicals such as Sunset Yellow and Benzoic Acid in excessive levels. When these components are mixed with Vitamin C, toxins occur in your body.

From this outcome, a court order was issued to place warning labels on these specific Coca-Cola products coming out of the Nigerian Bottling plant for the mentioned products manufactured in these plants.

The court order was derivative from a lawsuit made by Adebo against the bottling plant. However, a spokesperson from the bottling plant swears these products are safe and Adebo has no case because they were not supposed to be exported.

Although the UK may have dodged a bullet shot by a what seems to be shady business practices to get the lowest priced products in to a high demand market, portions of the world are still at risk as this can happen again and it may be undetected. According to a statement from Coca-Cola on their website: bottling plants in Africa serve forty percent of the markets in the African continent in addition to eleven undeveloped countries nearby.

Africa has billions of people and so do the combination of eleven developing countries. Just do the math on 40% or Africa; it would definitely equal millions of people.

Whether this can happen in America is yet unfounded, but an attempt of tainted imports of popular soft drinks that could have been consumed by millions has been foiled.

However, this problem is far from over because that bottling plant is still in business and they can credibly reach a sizable portion of the 40% of African markets.

In other words, millions of people in Africa and in developing countries may be in contact with highly carcinogenic soda and it gets worse if they consume vitamin C with it.

Is this a health scare or the most organized practical joke ever accomplished in a third world country? This is equivalent to the myth that if you feed seagulls alka-seltzer they’ll explode. Think about it: you take a vitamin C, wash it down with some soda and then it happens, toxins in your body..

With government agencies that protect Americans from these food fiascos being cut under the sword of President Trump, people in the United States may have something to worry about should these imports surface in a bodega somewhere in America.


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Are New York City Housing Projects becoming Authoritarian?

HUD’s new smoke free law has banned all smoking in New York City Public housing units.

From herein, smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the projects a.k.a public housing. This law includes a ban on individuals who are smoking in the comfort and security of their own apartment. What is most concerning about this new law is the logistics of how it will be enforced. With what evidence can an officer charge someone for smoking in their apartment without a warrant to go in the apartment and smell the smoke or see someone smoking? Another concern is, will people be falsely accused and reprimanded per these antismoking laws to be enforced in New York City public housing projects?

The only way one can imagine this rule being enforced is by an authoritarian kind of tactic of walking the halls and knocking on doors to inquire. This can possibly be a very dangerous situation for police officers and residents, whose makeup is mostly minorities. Can accusations of smoking lead to false tickets or arrests? Moreover, can these simple and unnecessary enforcements lead to an argument between citizens and authorities that cause someone to get hurt as a resident must respect authority but may be upset at the pettiness of the HUD anti-smoking law?

These kinds of enforcements remind me of when Sandra Bland was arrested and then mysteriously died in custody. Could there be a situation where someone who is rough in their appearance, who possibly is not welcomed anywhere other than the front yard of their project building be harassed for a simple cigarette which leads to an unfortunate result? This law may be possibly too much of an oppressive control on the public. Could the accusation of smoking a cigarette be an excuse for a police man to harass a minority? These are issues that raise concern when dealing with the HUD anti-smoking laws.

This law feels very authoritarian and draconian. To control what goes on in someone’s household is undemocratic to say the least, communist to say the most. Something else to consider is that smokers have rights and what smokers do in their own home is their own right.

In defense of HUD, they state that 32 million dollars will be saved in fire damage, however, are those fire damages from lit cigarettes? Also, the HUD claims that 300 million dollars will be saved in medical fees due to not living with smokers, however, people who are underprivileged tend to also have a diabetic problems as well as stress related illnesses and they all do not smoke.

When we interviewed someone from the George Washington Houses in the Bronx, who did not want to give his last name he said: “This is nothing but barbaric and authoritarian. We don’t need big brother to watch us like this! I just came out of the homeless shelter, life is not a picnic; in addition I can’t find a job! From there, I went in to the projects from the homeless shelter. I was in there with the worst. But now I can’t smoke in my own home? This aint Russia!! After what I been through, I need a smoke or a beer or something more!” (Timothy, public housing resident)

The poor will have to suffer more and be oppressed even more and an anti-smoking law that regulates what you do in your home is evidence of that.  This law can make New York City a lot of money in ticket revenue, but how much can New York City’s poor take? What made New York City great and something to invest is non-existent and what we’re left with is just a reason to move. Shame on New York City!


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Obama Fart Scandal – Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama farting on Live TV

Obama Fart Scandal: farting in an election season

To cut to the chase, someone farted not once but two times on the Sean Hannity Show when Malik Obama was a guest , you can hear it during: 5:38 and 6:16 of this video!!! This election has had everything: racism, rage, low blows and now farts. But who blew the chunks? Did Malik Obama fart? Did Sean Hannity Fart? Was it Roger Ailes in the neighboring county of where it was filmed? 

It was surprising to see Malik Obama on camera speaking out against his half-brother, President Barack Obama. The content of what Malik Obama was saying about his half-brother and the President of the United States was revealing and thought provoking. Also, I don’t believe I ever encountered a moment when a journalist would use the family of the president as a pawn. Many can argue that it was disgraceful and disrespectful.

However, what shocked me the most is that someone farted two times on live television during the Sean Hannity show. I can’t point fingers but I will say the most obvious and prime farter suspects are either: Malik Obama or Sean Hannity because of the impact the sound made which leads me to believe this was from someone’s butt close to boom microphone. It could have easily been the stage crew but seeing the facial expressions starting from 5: 38 in this video all arrows point to Malik Obama, but your innocent until proven guilty.

It may have well been Sean Hannity. I would not put it past Sean Hannity to fart on live TV inconspicuously. Issue Jab is still on the case……It is right to mention that we are not detectives. Sean Hannity was very cool and not bothered by the first fart, which may not have been Malik Obama and that fart could have been courtesy of Fox News staff or another Sean Hannity exclusive that like usual comes out of his ass. However, and with all due respect, the second fart was in the possession of the colon of Malik Obama. Listen closely to the second fart while Malik Obama is talking, the way he said “business empire,” when he was praising Donald Trump, it may have accidentally made him slip a fart out.

Did Malik Obama fart on live TV?

If Malik Obama farted, which I believe he may have the second time at 6:10 in this video, it is acceptable. Why? Well, he is not usually in the public eye and he may have been nervous. Being interviewed on TV is like the interview of your life for a high paying job, its nerve racking. With that in mind perhaps Malik Obama farted! Now, the other one in the beginning, I think that its courtesy of fox news, whether they were real biological farts or sound effects which I think not, SOMEONE FARTED ON LIVE TELEVISION, DURING THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW ON FOX.

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