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Rapid DNA ACT: Are we violating privacy in the name of Justice?

Rapid DNA: is it progress or is it a problem?

You can order a DNA report and get it faster than a dominoes pizza on a Friday night. You can now receive a DNA report in ninety minutes, it is a technique called “Rapid DNA. “ In the past it took weeks to obtain DNA results.

The first time Rapid DNA was used was in 2013. This technique helped convict burglars who stole $30,000 worth of items from an Airbase in Florida.

Bipartisan support from both Congress and the Senate were expressed for this bill. Now, this law is waiting to be signed by the president. This law will let Rapid DNA be utilized amongst law enforcement.

This law is titled: HR 510 Rapid DNA act of 2017. The intentions of the rapid DNA act are to quickly determine if someone who was just arrested is a rapist. In addition to that, the Rapid DNA act can possibly prove that someone is innocent.

The people who support this bill feel that tax dollars will be saved as DNA results can be expedited efficiently. This bill will lessen the backlog of DNA waiting to be tested.

Opponents of the HR 510 rapid DNA act of 2017 state a violation of privacy. By law, DNA samples can be taken without a warrant. It can be expected that more DNA will be taken from criminals and those arrested for anything. For low level offenses this may be misleading as multiple DNA can be traced to multiple people, this could possibly incriminate someone who could be innocent. What is alarming is the rapid DNA technique may render a rape kit extinct. The technique of rapid DNA has only been tested in single source DNA, such as a cotton swab in the mouth. Therefore, it may not be effective in multiple sources of DNA.

A cop can plant evidence on you. That has been proven time and time again in news stories. Let us hope and pray that with the enactment of the Rapid DNA law  it is not possible for a cop to plant an individual’s DNA on a crime scene to incriminate someone.

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Mind Control, how it works: The science and mechanics of Mind Control through manipulating Synaptic Plasticity.

People talk about Illuminati mind control, but nobody is able to actually describe how it works.

Mind control is becoming real and the actual process is something out of a science fiction movie. Keep reading to understand how mind control really works.

It seems that mind control starts with the manipulation of the learning process. That process is called Synaptic Plasticity. To be exact, Synaptic Plasticity is a natural process in the brain that is fundamental to the learning process. This natural process involves the strengthening and weakening of the junctions between two neurons.

Darpa’s new research called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT) is determined to increase a human’s capacity to learn. This breakthrough will create the mechanics and foundation of Mind Control as we know it.

mind control How will they do this? Targeted Neuroplasticity Training will electrically stimulate peripheral nerves which will make the brain more adaptive during the most important parts of the learning process. In addition, peripheral nerves are the on and off switches for actions involving the muscles, organs and a host of other bodily functions.

Through the precise manipulation of these peripheral nerves the neural connections in the brain will be strengthened. The intention for the Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program is to accelerate learning and decrease the time it takes to train foreign language specialists, intelligence analysts, cryptographers, and others. The goal is to use this scientific process to cut cost and save  time on training within the Department of State.

At this point, Darpa is looking in to invasive and non invasive ways to stimulate and manipulate peripheral nerves. To be more in depth on what Darpa has stated is that stimulation of the nerves through the skin can activate regions in the brain that involve learning.  It can create signals that may trigger the release of neurochemicals in the brain that reorganize neural connections in response to specific experiences.  Through this method, mind control is actually possible by controlling synaptic plasticity, the natural process on our brain. (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

The means of how this may be possible is by means of a microchip or possibly an injection.

So is this good or is this bad?

A delicate social issue such as this can be likened to beauty as it is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Let us start with the good in it. Increased learning and a smarter public sounds great. Perhaps someone with dementia or depression can benefit from Targeted Neuroplasticity Training. People with mental trauma can be mentally corrected. Possibly an obsessive compulsive disorder patient can be retrained to not do repetitive unproductive habits.

What could be bad about this? The unnatural feel is a major turn off. A microchip implant is surreal and scary. Could a microchip implant be susceptible to hacking such as a pace maker can? Is it possible that how a pace maker can be shut off by a hacker; a hacked microchip from nerve stimulation can make you have constant diarrhea or run on the street naked? Can a human be electrocuted if he walks in the rain with his implanted microchip? Will it pop out during sex? Will I accidentally put in my girlfriend’s microchip by mistake?

Is it ethical to alter the human body like this? We have witnessed what some groups will do for embryos, what about electronically controlled humans? Could there be a possibility that prisoners will be implanted to keep corrections officers safe? Could a new war in the Middle East be made in the name of democracy to microchip Habib so he does not shoot an AK-47 for Allah? It could be credible.

As of right now, microchips implanted in humans that execute targeted neuroplasticity training in humans to manipulate synaptic plasticity is far away. Although chip implants for payment and data are here. However, in a democracy we have a choice, right? Everything is tied to a carrot on a stick. You have two choices: stop being a rabbit or stop eating carrots. I suggest you do both.

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The Death Traps of America – Developers are creating another Hurricane Katrina Situation

Inland communities will suffer another Hurricane Katrina situation in America which will result in death and homelessness on a grand scale.

Can another Hurricane Katrina type catastrophe happen again in America? Yes it can and it may be inevitable. Floods are the most common natural disaster as well as the most deadly natural disaster according to the National Science Foundation. Based on research results from the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, development on American coastal flood zones have decreased. However, development in flood zone inland communities has increased in the United States.

As global warming becomes the new normal, flooding is the cheese on the climate change pizza. A scientist at Louisiana State University calls the trend to develop in inland communities “worrisome.” It has been labeled worrisome because many of these inland communities are vulnerable to flooding. It must be noted that flooding in inland communities are a step below the seriousness of flooding in a coastal flood zone. Nonetheless, the damage can still be brutal.

Three counties in America at risk of suffering Hurricane Katrina like damage to their areas are:

  • Gulf of Mexico: Cameron Parish in Louisiana, with 93.6 percent of its population in the flood zone.
  • Monroe County in Florida, with 91.4 percent of its population in the flood zone.
  • Galveston County in Texas, with 82.8 percent of its population in the flood zone.

The National Science Foundation has stated that people are more knowledgeable about natural disasters than they were ten years ago but there are still many who are oblivious. A lack of knowledge was the root of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Lives could have been saved if the residents of New Orleans knew the seriousness of that hurricane regarding living below sea level and not staying in an area that is below sea level during an event that will lead to a flood.

As many people have left coastal flood areas for inland communities they feel they are out of the woods when it comes to the effects of hurricanes, such as flooding. On the contrary, they are not. Inland communities are in fact a danger zone in regards to flooding. With these areas becoming very populated, the probability of a tremendous loss of life increases if a massive flood occurs in a crowded inland community area full of people who were not informed of the repercussions of living in an inland community flood zone.

In addition, hotspots located in New York City and Miami have seen an upsurge in development in flood zones. As the cancer of gentrification is in stage four it is right to assume that these death traps of real estate developments will continue. Furthermore, many people can be displaced causing a homeless epidemic of mass proportions.

Make sure you know which coastal zone you live in to know how serious the impact a natural occurrence of Earth can be to your life. You may have to seek higher ground. Stay safe.


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World Health Crisis: mankind at stake from many Antibiotic resistant bacteria

A world health crisis is looming as many bacteria are now antibiotic resistant.

Bacteria that were once controlled by antibiotics are now becoming resistant to antimicrobial drugs. In other words, a cure we once had for many sicknesses are no longer effective. The bacteria strains that make these health problems are now immune to the available antibiotics out there on Earth. The World Health Organization has listed twelve families of bacteria and some can be fatal. Now there is a race to create new antibiotics for these renegade bacteria before the world suffers a plague.

These bacteria are now resistant to many forms of antibiotics. What is alarming is that these bacteria can pass along material to other bacteria. This will make the other bacteria that were passed the material also resistant to these antibiotics. Now these out of control pathogens can have the credibility to cause chaos in the world of health as more solved issues in the world of health are now unsolved once again.

The WHO’s (World Health Organization) solution is to convince nations to incentivize private sector and public funded organizations to discover new antibiotics for these rebel bacteria. However, this may be a toddler step towards success as this situation has been briefly mentioned in the news months ago.

There is a sense of urgency for this situation. As bacteria become more resistant the gas tank of treatment options are running on empty. In addition, the private sector may not save the day in time for humanity, especially if there is no profit.

Among the diseases and sicknesses caused by these high priority pathogens that are now resistant to antibiotics are Gonorrhea and food caused salmonella poisoning. Strep throat, Chlamydia and tuberculosis are also becoming resistant but are not included in the family of twelve because they are registered under other programs in the World Health Organization. Also the resistance that Chlamydia, strep throat and tuberculosis have on antibiotics is minimal.

The population is at risk. It can be deadly. It will be inconvenient. Many of the bacteria listed by the World Health Organization are found in hospitals and nursing homes. These bacteria can cause infections from blood catheters and ventilators. It can cause severe infection and possibly death.  The World Health Organization is now calling for an appropriate use of antibiotics, a better rationing of new antibiotics and a better emphasis on infection control.

world health crisis

Below is a list of 12 bacteria that are public enemy number one and priority pathogens to the world of health.

These bacteria are immune to antibiotics listed by the World Health Organization:

1) Acinetobacter baumannii – A bactera that is routed from hospitalized patients’ sputum, urine, secretions and wounds. This bacteria is said to colonize intravenous solutions and irrigating solutions. It can also cause infection in organ transplant patients. Also, A baumanni can cause nosocomial pneumonia and nosocomial meningitis. It is labeled as critical by the WHO (World Health Organization).  This bacteria is often associated with Iraq War veterans of the United States Army, as many soldiers return home with this heath issue.

2) Pseudomonas aeruginosa – A bacteria found in hospitalized patients that can be deadly. It occurs in patients with a weak immune system. This can infect your blood and give you pneumonia. The infections associated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa occur after surgery. People on breathing tubes and catheters are at risk of being infiltrated by these bacteria. The infections regarding Pseudomonas aeruginosa with its health effects are: pneumonia, endocarditis (heart infection), meningitis and brain abscess. In addition, this bacteria is associated with infections dealing with the skin, eye, ears, bones and GI tract. It is labeled as critical by the WHO (World Health Organization).

3) Enterobacteriaceae – Another bacteria labeled as critical and associated with salmonella, strains of e. coli and other bacteria.

4) Enterococcus faecium – A bacteria associated with nosocomial infections, surgical wound infection, endocarditis, and urinary tract infections.

5) Staphylococcus aureus- Related with infections frequently found in the nose, respiratory tract, and on the skin. It can be puss filled at sometimes and if not managed it can end up in the blood stream.

6) Helicobacter pylori – These germs can enter your body and live in your digestive tracts causing ulcers in your stomach and small intestine.

7) Campylobacter spp – A food borne pathogen that can cause infection and serious neurological issues.

8) Salmonellae- A food borne associated pathogen.

9) Neisseria gonorrhoeae- Affectionately known as the clap, this bacteria manifest into a sexually transmitted disease that was once curable but now out of control.

10) Streptococcus pneumonia – Common cause for pneumonia and bronchitis.

11) Haemophilus influenzae – An opportunistic pathogen that can cause additional problems when infections and other medical inconveniences occur.

12) Shigella spp- Another food borne associated pathogen.

Stay safe and come back to this website for another post real soon. You’re enjoying!

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Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food on the rise and possibly in your belly; the latest mob hit.

Fake Food and Counterfeit Liquor are on the rise.

Is it possible that you might be at risk of consuming fake food or counterfeit liquor? Yes, in fact you may have eaten or drank it already. From December 2017 to March 2017 authorities seized over 9,800 tons of fake food and 26.4 million liters of counterfeit drink. These seizures took place during 50,000 checks at shops, markets, airports, seaports and industrial estates in 61 different countries. According to Interpol it seems to be the workings of organized crime rackets.

It seems that the new victim for organized crime is your appetite.

The most seized product was counterfeit alcohol. The runners up after fake liquor are meat and sea food. You have to wonder when you are at a barbeque if this hot dog is actually a dog. When you drank a beer and said to a friend that “it taste like piss,” you may have been on to something.

Operation Opson to the rescue.

This operation led by Interpol was assisted by police, customs, food regulatory agencies from all over the world and the private sector. That powerful combination led to $264 million worth of fake food and fake drink taken off of the market place before consumers could have been harmed.

Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food
Courtesy of Interpol

What is alarming that although Interpol and other agencies have thwarted the plan of organized crime food fraud rackets, there may be a good remaining portion on the streets. This means that you may be at risk when you have a cold one or a nice warm meal. Officials from Interpol have encouraged the public to remain vigilant as some fake food and fake drink may still be in circulation.

Furthermore, there may be new trends of fraudulent food and fake drink out there that could have been undetected during the seizures. For example, there was a discovery of counterfeit mineral water in this operation. In addition to unregulated food and fake drink, what were also recovered among what was seized were falsified medicines for cancer, HIV and diabetes. This is outrageous. Blends of different oils were passed off as natural olive oil. Fat burning pills which if consumed would have burned your life with a stroke or a heart attack was intended to be sold to anyone.

Below are the countries where activities were recorded along with their findings of fraudulent food and counterfeit liquor (not all are mentioned):

Rwanda: Fake whiskey and more.

Nigeria: Fake champagne.

Argentina: Killer fat burning pills.

Peru: Expired food, drinks, and preparation substances stored in a rat infested storage unit.

Indonesia: Fake condiments stored in an unsanitary location.

Italy: Fake wine

Russia: Substandard alcohol using faked federal stamps.

The fact that tons of phony goods equaling millions of dollars were intercepted by authorities all over the globe, a massive amount could be in circulation undetected. Moreover, with these findings of fraud world wide, the possibilities of these fake goods hopping in to your grocery bag are extremely high. It doesn’t matter whether you are in America or Africa or anywhere in between, get a taste tester. Now come on, let’s eat.

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India takes steps towards authoritarianism in the states of Jammu and Kashmir

Is India taking steps towards authoritarianism? Is this the new normal in fighting terror and radical Islam?

India has taken an authoritarian approach to fighting terror. The latest defensive from the Indian governments in Jammu and Kashmir seem to be a play right out of a North Korean play book. Student protests erupted in the Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School and College in Kashmir. In the eruption, students threw rocks and pro Islamic slogans were screamed.

The mob which started with school girls pelting stones evolved in to a multi gender collective rampage that injured police. At the end, tear gas, water cannons, and knight stick led concussions cooled off the situation.

Now, the Indian governments in the states of Jammu and Kashmir have banned twenty two different websites that are popular in India. This ban was immediately implemented on April 17, 2017 following that overwhelming student protest. The sites included in the ban are whatsapp, Face book and Twitter. As a further precaution, India has also banned internet data being streamed on 3g and 4g mobile phones.

What was the reason for the internet ban in the Indian States of Jammu and Kashmir?

It has not been in the news lately but there is a blazing inferno in India called the Hindu Muslim conflicts which are on the verge of being a war. When you consider the geography and demographics of the states of Jammu and Kashmir in India it starts to paint a more abstract and deep picture of something fragile and explosive. These Indian states border China and Pakistan. The religious demographic is overwhelmingly in the favor of Muslims in a country run by Hindus. This region has a history of war, riots and transitions of power.  Basically what happen in April 2017 in the states of Jammu and Kashmir of India was nothing less than an Arab spring. However, what is springing is Islamic fundamentalism, a concept that is even detrimental to their own fellow Muslims. With unrest in border states a lot of undesirable consequences can occur such as a war that spills over, or a state that is against its nation in favor of a bordering nation.

So, as a counter to stop the unrest, India blocked all communication as mentioned above.

When you think about, it is directly from the play books of Russia, Cuba and North Korea, where citizens of authoritarian regimes are deprived of communication devices in fear of a revolt. With the mathematics dramatically favoring Muslims over Hindus and other religions the fear is very real.

The United Nations has expressed major concern over this tactic India is using. These tactics as stated by the United Nations are below the standards of human rights. Furthermore, the banning of major social media sites on computers and phones blocks the freedom of expression of its public. The United Nations as well as America strongly endorses the ability and freedom to express one’s self and India’s latest move seems to be the anti-thesis of that endorsement. With this new normal of technological oppression in India, it is possible another larger and destructive protest can happen. It has the possibility of blooming in to a full blown riot and has the potential to be another attempted revolt in these states.

Is this is the new way of fighting terror? Will innocent people and citizens of a state they belong to be egregiously deprived of human rights in the name of fighting terror? The answer is only time will tell but what time is trying to say right now seems to be the eerie uttering syllables of a police state.

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Oppression by Mass Incarceration: The current situation of the Aborigine People of Australia

The aborigine people of Australia are under siege by mass incarceration.

Twenty seven percent of Australia’s prison population is Aborigine. However, the Aboriginal people of Australia are only three percent of the population. The astonishing numerical rate of aboriginal people incarcerated in Australia right now almost feels like a mini holocaust. A hundred plus years after Australian colonization, these numbers make you feel as if colonization is still alive and well in Australia.

Only three percent of Australia’s population is Aborigine. That is roughly 669,900 Aborigines in the country. Of the total amount of the Aborigine population: 180,873 Aborigines are incarcerated. That is twenty seven percent of 669,900. Furthermore, that does not account for the oppressed minorities that are arrested.  These numbers are derived from the United Nations. Some of the reported amongst the incarcerated Aborigine in Australia have been as young as 12 years old.

The cause of this issue seems to be a lack of government funding for these indigenous communities.

With the probability of job prospects next to zero and a lack of education, poverty and imprisonment seems to be the unfortunate destiny of the Aborigine population of Australia.

You can almost liken the Aborigine to the African American in the United States of America. African Americans are only 12% of the population and are also an astronomical percentage of the American prison population.

In America, an African American is more likely to be locked up or have their kid taken by child protective services as opposed to someone who is a Caucasian American; the United Nations reports that it is also the same for the Aborigine. Any minority in America will effortlessly tell you that they have family or know someone who has been arrested, at least. With a total population of 669,900 Aborigines and 180,873 of that total being imprisoned, the social ramifications on this minority group are agonizing.  Considering an African American population in the millions, and an Aborigine population in the thousands, you can imagine, one Aborigine family has at least two family members in jail or have someone in their life that is locked up. This is true misery. The feeling a family has, in addition to the effect it has on the children are some of the many dilemmas caused by someone who is in jail. The whole family suffers as the bread winner is arrested. Whether someone is guilty or innocent is a different conversation, but when 27 percent of a prison population derives from a minority group that makes up 3 percent of the mass population of one country is oppressive policy if not neglectful policy.

The numbers point to a social slaughter of a people who were given the spiritual right of a land that was colonized from them. Only time will tell what will happen to an embattled people deprived of help, pounded by a policy that works against them. Let’s hope for the best.

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Youth STD Outbreak Explosion expected in the United States, like right now

Are we on the verge of a youth STD outbreak?

A youth STD outbreak is inevitable:The Center for Disease Control warns that a high percentage of people in the age range of 15-25 who are covered by their parents insurance through the Obama care expansion refuse sexual and reproductive health care (STD testing). It becomes a problem when you consider the youth in the age demographic who are extremely sexually active combined with their refusal to check themselves for STD’s will eventually lead to an outbreak within this age group.

The CDC reports that people in this age group of 15-25 are embarrassed to talk to a doctor about issues involving reproductive and sexual health care for the main reason that they do not want their parents to know, out of fear. It gets even worse if the kid’s parent is present during the doctor visit. So, the real killer here in this medical mishap of an outbreak waiting to happen is confidentiality and fear thereof. The rate of people seeking care regarding sexual health is higher for people of this age group who are not afraid of their parents knowing than it is for the people in this group that are afraid of their parents knowing.

The Issue Jab here is that we are on a dawn of an STD epidemic. The center for disease control gave an estimate in a family growth survey: out of 17 million people who are 15 – 25, twelve percent are denying sexual and reproductive care. In other words, there are 2 million people who may be wet humping each other like bunnies, may feel that they are suffering STD symptoms and are not getting tested because they are afraid their parents will find out; yet they are still having sex!

Imagine a woman who appears to be healthy; she is 20, in college and under her parents insurance. She has sex with someone in her dorm, she starts to experience STD symptoms but she does not get herself checked out because of embarrassment of her parents finding out. The next day, she goes to a night club to dance away her worries of STD symptoms, she meets an unhappily married man in his 30’s or 40’s. The unhappily married and middle aged man now has sex with the woman who is twenty years old, he may catch that STD, give it his wife, his wife kisses their kids, and GOD forbid, now the poor guy’s kids have pink eye! Now imagine the actual number of the CDC statistic, of the two million kids who are refusing sexual health care, there might be at least 10,000 who may have caught an STD, never got checked and are still sexually active! With multiple partners and a “girls drink for free night,” it can lead to a real problem.

Furthermore and unfortunately, it gets worse, because this demographic of 15-25 year olds who are sexually active and refusing medical care for sexual health also includes the LBGT communities in addition to the straight communities. This credible youth STD outbreak has the potential to have legs, tentacles and an iphone, so please be careful.

The solution: masturbate or make sure you and your partner are not having sex with more than one person or the same person behind each other’s back…


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AFGHAN WATER CRISIS: Afghanistan’s war over water

The AFGHAN WATER CRISIS will be the new reason for war in Afghanistan. The new face and cause for the most gruesome wars to come in Afghanistan will be over water.

Due to the AFGHAN WATER CRISIS, tensions are expected to boil over to a level never seen before between the Taliban, the Afghan government and Afghan farmers. A new war can happen any moment. These tensions are stemming from a lack of implementation on current water laws. In America the wheels of justice move slow enough; imagine a horribly tuned machine like Afghanistan? If you look at current events in Afghanistan it is clear that the wheels of justice surely do move as slow as expected for an undemocratic third world country.

As the wheels move slowly to implement the water law that does not deprive some Afghani farmers over others the outcome will most likely lead to many farmers’ crops burning in an unforgiving sun. This will certainly cause an uprising with the people of Afghanistan. What will that uprising result in? Will it be an increase in Taliban membership? Will it mean new factions in certain territories waging war for water?

It is a political sewer back up of a situation when considering the death grip of Sharia law in Afghanistan that regards water as sacred. In addition, there are mirabs or neighborhood shot callers that ration water. These mirabs are required at their own discretion to be objective, fair and democratic when rationing water to the people of Afghanistan.  Can we really rely on the mirabs to have the characteristics mentioned in the last sentence? I don’t think we can. This is why, if this situation does not get resolved Allied troops in the region can be in danger of being sucked into another war that really has nothing to do with the security of Allied Nations (U.S. Europe, and their allies). Now, if the mirabs aren’t bad enough, there are five councils to resolve these disputes and implement a fair policy before it reaches the court. This system isn’t rigged, IT’S STUPID!

In addition to the war within, the global warming crisis can make the Afghan water supply very scarce or make parts of the region flooded leaving their land under siege and inhabitable, causing a refugee crisis or a real estate dispute for bodies of water in neighboring territories. Afghanistan is surrounded by six countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Pakistan, and Iran; an occurrence of nature accelerated by our current state of consumption can leave whatever is left of a country affected by water issues brought on by global warming to possibly annex parts of a neighboring country where the source of water is by the border.  That can lead to a multiregional war or possibly a world war as the Afghan border is near countries with influence on major players in the international community.

As allied forces bang their heads against the walls on how to nation build effectively, fight terror and stop radicals, the solution could be right there in front of their faces. Instead of looking for Taliban in Afghanistan, Allied forces should make a better water system for those people to gain influence over them. If they had water to flush their pea, water their crops, wash their gluteus Maximus and drink a tall glass water on a hot day like a human being, they may be less prone to being terrorists. If the west and Allied forces did something for this region that was generous that the natives knew didn’t come from Allah two great results can happen: a rogue sharia law nation can move towards a secular government and this hostile region will be friendlier to the ways of the Western Hemisphere.

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Women and Drugs: What You Don’t Know

A 2015 data report from the United States Sentencing Commission on drug offenders revealed some very interesting findings on women who are drug users.

The first and obvious finding is that in general people are going “coo-coo for coca puffs” when it comes to consuming methamphetamines. Out of 20,000 offenses, approximately thirty three percent were methamphetamine drug offenses. As issue jab delved more deep in to the data we come to the conclusion that it is safer for a woman to do drugs and not get an offense than it is for a man. We come to this conclusion because out of 20,000 drug offenses documented by the USSC, only 3,098 were women. Could it be women are not obvious in appearance in terms of being “strung out,” or looking deteriorated from drug use? Are women smarter than men when it comes to dodging law enforcement? Can we say that women are less likely to use drugs? What is alarming from the study is that almost half of the female offenses were for methamphetamines. Are women more excited about methamphetamines than they are about Oprah, Hillary or the View? This data points to yes. In the 1980’s there was a rumor that “cocaine will make a woman horny,” in the 2000 and teen’s we can start another rumor, “methamphetamines will make a woman most likely catch a drug offense.” Of the 20,000 drug offenses reported, women were least likely to have a drug offense for crack cocaine but more likely to offend for powdered cocaine.  (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

It’s alarming what was interpreted and found from the statistics given by the United States Sentencing Commission. The report from the USSC showed raw data of the number of drug offenses, with the gender associated and we at made an issue on what we thought the numbers meant to us.

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