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Involuntary Population Control: The Return of the HIV epidemic.

An HIV Epidemic is forecasted to return.

The World Health Organization reports a rise in the resistance to HIV drugs.

The alarming statistics display that in 6 out of 11 countries surveyed in Asia, Latin America and Africa, over ten percent of people starting antiretroviral therapy had a strain of HIV that was resistant to the most widely used HIV medicines. The WHO (World Health Organization) is now calling for an urgent review of HIV treatment programs.

How does drug resistance develop?

HIV drug resistance happens when people do not follow their prescribed treatment plan. Not having access to quality care will prompt someone to not follow their treatment plan. Patients who start to have drug resistance will fail therapy and can pass that strain of drug resistant HIV to others. People with drug resistant strains of HIV will result in an increase in HIV levels in their blood. The solution is a new treatment regimen which can be very hard to obtain for people who are in third world countries.

This may prove to be a return of the HIV epidemic. In the next five years HIV drug resistance can run up a bill of millions of dollars, claim 135,000 more lives and infect 105,000 additional people. This may be inevitable if nothing is attempted to prevent the situation.

HIV Drug Resistance will also ravage the Transgender community contributing to the return of the HIV epidemic.

Transgender women were born as male gender stated on their birth certificates and identify now as women. They are said to be at a very high risk of HIV acquisition. A study by the National Institute of Health and Gilead Science reports that among transgender women infected with HIV in Los Angeles, half of them were concerned about taking their HIV medication and hormone therapy at the same time. The reason they have concerns with taking Antiretroviral therapy for HIV and feminizing hormone therapy for their transition to female is that the drug interaction can be harmful. Why this interaction is harmful remains a mystery in the medical community. This concern may be prompting these individuals from taking the HIV medications or the hormone therapy, or both.

As discussed earlier in this article, the interruption of antiretroviral medication for HIV can make the HIV in the infected person HIV drug resistant and at a higher risk of spreading the disease. The center for disease control states that transgender women are at a very high risk of contracting the HIV virus. Twenty two percent of transgender women surveyed in five high income countries were living with HIV.

These are two deadly situations occurring at the same time. It spells trouble for the goal of trying to eradicate HIV by 2030. This can be an epidemic.

Between the unfortunate in third world countries who are not able to keep up with their regimen and the transgender communities adversities of bodily pain when combining hormones and HIV meds, there can be a surge of HIV strains that are drug resistant. When you couple that with the other possibility of this resistant strain being passed on to other people, it’s just ingredients for epidemic soup.

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Tattoo Removal: Laser Surgery vs. Do It Yourself Ointment Creams

Tattoo Removal Procedures: helpful information on a task that needs doing.

It is not 1999 anymore and that barb wire tattooed on your arm looks outdated. Perhaps you have your lover’s name on your arm, you just got divorced and now you have a court order to give your ex-lover half of what you own, but you can keep the tattoo. Whatever your reason is, you made a mistake and you want that damn tattoo to disappear. You did not make the right choice when picking a tattoo, so make sure you choose the best method for removing your tattoo.

So what are the best options for removing my tattoo?

Well, let us briefly start with the worst option for removing your tattoo. Creams and tattoo removal ointments seem to be the worst option for tattoo removal. Why? These do-it-yourself tattoo removal ointment creams have not been reviewed by the FDA. Furthermore, there has been no clinical evidence that it works. It has been reported that these creams can cause unexpected rashes, burning, scarring, and possibly changes in your skin pigmentation.

The best option to remove your tattoo is laser surgery. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration states that the option of laser surgery is a safe option for removing your tattoo.

How does laser removal work?

When a laser is used to remove your tattoo, a pulse of high intensity laser energy pass through the epidermis of your skin and absorbs the ink pigment. The laser breaks that pigment in to smaller particles. You end up excreting or metabolizing that ink pigment through your body. In other cases the pigment is transported to your lymph nodes or other tissues in your body. Different tattoo colors require different kinds of lasers in order to remove it. Tattoos with colors such as yellow, green and red are the hardest colors to remove; however, colors such as blue and black are the easiest to remove.  Usually, more than one laser surgery is required in order for your tattoo to be fully removed. It may take 6 – 10 laser surgeries to remove your tattoo and you have to take a few weeks to heal between surgeries. The exact amount depends on the colors and the size of the tattoo.

tattoo removal Are there any side effects and pain involved with a laser surgery tattoo removal procedure?

As far as pain goes, it is said that the process feels like a rubber band being snapped against your skin by someone who hates you. Side effects of using a laser to remove your tattoo are pinpoint bleeding, soreness, redness and possibly scarring. It is important to note that laser devices for tattoo removal should be administered by a dermatologist, this is the only way the FDA is clearing the use of this method. You should not use a laser to remove a tattoo yourself.

Don’t Feel bad.

A lot of people regret their tattoos, you are not alone. Tattoo removal seems to be a big business. The FDA reports from a Harris Interactive poll from 2012 that 1 in 8 adults in America regret the tattoo they have. The FDA also reports via the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery that from the year 2011 there have been at least 175,000 tattoo removal procedures. There seems to be no stop in the increase of these procedures for the years to come.


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Pentobarbital & Salmonella in dog food: The dog food recalls of 2017

Dog Food Recalls you should know about: Pentobarbital & Salmonella in dog food and the risks involved for your dog.

Protect your pet and keep informed.

What happens if your dog consumes pentobarbital?Dog Food recalls that you are not aware of can harm your pet in some cases it can lead to death. Make sure the pet food you buy for your pet is not in the recall list. The following dog foods listed have been recalled. If you buy these pet foods for your pets, please stop using them immediately. This list is some of the many pet foods that were recalled by the center for disease control that we thought caused the most detrimental health risks to pets and their owners.

Pet Food Recalls List:

Pet Food Brand name and Product: Barnsdale Farms, HoundsTooth and Mac’s Choice – Dog Treat Pig ears by Eurocan Manufacturing. (March 20th 2017)

What’s wrong with it? It is tainted with Salmonella.

What happens if your dog has salmonella?

If your dog contracts salmonella it can lead to stomach problems with your pet. Moreover, if your dog contracts salmonella, it can pass the salmonella virus to you the human owner. When diseases pass from animal to human it can be pretty brutal on your immune system.

Pet Food Brand name and Product: Evanger’s, Against the Grain – Hunk of Beef, Braised Beef, and Pulled Beef canned dog food by Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food (March 3rd 2017)

What’s wrong with it? It contains Pentobarbital.

What happens if your dog consumes pentobarbital?

This is very serious. Pentobarbital is used to euthanize dogs or put them to sleep. The CDC reports that if Pentobarbital is contained in small doses in dog food it cannot harm the animal. However, we do not know how much is in there and as a petowner, I would not want to feed my dog anything that would contain that poison.

Pet owners who bought Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food with Chicken & Rice by pet smart please in February 2017 please discard it because there are metal pieces in the food. If you bought Against the Grain Dog Food in February of 2017 get rid of it, this product also has Pentobarbital, a substance that can kill you pet.

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US Government Cracks Down on Spoofing

The United States Government fired a legislative shot at prank callers, hackers, scammers and identity thieves. The bullet from that fired shot is a law titled: S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act of 2017.

What this law says is that you cannot make a phone call or a text message and present an inaccurate number on their caller ID. So the bright side is Grandma can’t get tricked out of her life savings because she thinks her grandson who is in grave danger is calling and needs some money, meanwhile its some hacker in another country who used her grandson’s number to disguise his number on her caller ID, hence the term spoofing.

Spoofing can be used for scamming people out of their personal information and money, as the deceptive practice of making your phone number numerically appear familiar to you and prompting you to answer. Spoofing is also used by scum bag sweat shop telemarketers who also use these tactics to make you pick up the phone.

This is actually one time when the Government is right on schedule with a legislation that protects us. There really and truly was no legislation for those who have been tele-fucked by the digital finger prints we leave behind, such as a name and number. The wrong person finds that information and if they find a digital footprint of a relative, they can spoof a call to that person’s relative and scam them out of money. There have also been times when organizations were screwed out of money and information by spoofed calls imitating an upper management figure.

The bad side to the S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act is that it’s a real sad day for prank callers because they also use these tactics to put on the greatest prank calls ever. It’s now very possible that an uninformed pranker could land them self in cuffs for the prank of the century in their respected areas. So, if you are professional prank caller like: Jerky Boys, Prank Yankers or Ownage Pranks or if you are an amateur who got drunk and picked up a phone instead of getting behind the wheel, be careful, you might be breaking the law.


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Which Countries Have The Least Debt?

There are three countries listed that do not have debt what so ever. These three countries are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein. In other words while the United States owes billions of dollars and Greece’s debt is causing that country to fall apart, there are three countries with $0.00 in debt, which are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein.

A little bit about the countries with the least debt in the world:

Brunei: This country is run by the same family for centuries located in the Southern Asian area of the world. It is a majority Muslim country that is oil rich and smaller than Delaware. This country is rarely bothered by earthquakes and flooding.

Liechtenstein: A European nation with 3.2% unemployment, located between Austria and Switzerland has a rich history from its beginnings as a Holy Roman Empire in 1719, to being included in chapters of the Napoleonic wars, to gaining their independence. Ever since World War Two, this country has a very low tax rate up to present date and this has fueled economic growth. When faced with a financial controversy of money laundering, they immediately addressed it with a treaty. It is said that this country is one of the only two in the world to be land locked. The terrain is mostly mountainous. With a country as small as Washington DC and no resources what so ever, their nurturing of an enterprise economy is certainly proving to be a healthy debt free economy.

Macau: Technically part of China, Macau enjoys the feeling of autonomy and the feeling of being a debt free country. They have an agreement with China to be one country and two systems, they have control of their destiny but they are limited to foreign affairs and defense issues, which are dealt with by China, other than that Macau is its own nation. This country located in Eastern Asia that borders the South China Sea is a tourism rich nation reliant upon its casinos. With the billions of Chinese neighboring with the other Asian countries its revenues derive from their casino and gaming revenues that their tourism generates from its neighbors.


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