Which Countries Have The Least Debt?

There are three countries listed that do not have debt what so ever. These three countries are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein. In other words while the United States owes billions of dollars and Greece’s debt is causing that country to fall apart, there are three countries with $0.00 in debt, which are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein.

A little bit about the countries with the least debt in the world:

Brunei: This country is run by the same family for centuries located in the Southern Asian area of the world. It is a majority Muslim country that is oil rich and smaller than Delaware. This country is rarely bothered by earthquakes and flooding.

Liechtenstein: A European nation with 3.2% unemployment, located between Austria and Switzerland has a rich history from its beginnings as a Holy Roman Empire in 1719, to being included in chapters of the Napoleonic wars, to gaining their independence. Ever since World War Two, this country has a very low tax rate up to present date and this has fueled economic growth. When faced with a financial controversy of money laundering, they immediately addressed it with a treaty. It is said that this country is one of the only two in the world to be land locked. The terrain is mostly mountainous. With a country as small as Washington DC and no resources what so ever, their nurturing of an enterprise economy is certainly proving to be a healthy debt free economy.

Macau: Technically part of China, Macau enjoys the feeling of autonomy and the feeling of being a debt free country. They have an agreement with China to be one country and two systems, they have control of their destiny but they are limited to foreign affairs and defense issues, which are dealt with by China, other than that Macau is its own nation. This country located in Eastern Asia that borders the South China Sea is a tourism rich nation reliant upon its casinos. With the billions of Chinese neighboring with the other Asian countries its revenues derive from their casino and gaming revenues that their tourism generates from its neighbors.


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