Nuclear Attack Very Possible: America Taking Major Defensive

Is a nuclear attack destined for America soon?

Signs point to a possible nuclear attack as America’s latest act shows a nation that put their guard up. Radioactive Threat Detection Systems have been deployed in Washington D.C. These threat detection systems have been attached  to 73 Fire Emergency Medical Service trucks in the nations capital as an introductory experiment that will soon be a nationwide procedure.

Image result for someone burning from a nuclear attackTo be specific, these are DARPA-developed nuclear and radiological detectors. The ultimate objective for these threat detection systems is to monitor nuclear levels in the area and detect hostile nuclear activities that may indicate a dirty bomb attack happening.  The nuclear threat detecting equipped EMS vehicles can cover over 100,000 miles and can remain in power for approximately 100,000 hours. This procedure is a test from the Darpa Sigma program. This Washington D.C. project is the guinea pig and we can expect these exercises to occur in more local municipalities in the very near future. When other jurisdictions participate, the collection of data of nuclear activity throughout the USA will be easier to detect hence leaving Americans more safe from a nuclear attack.

This has been in the works since 2016. Darpa has two kinds of detectors, one for smart phones that police can use and the other which is outfitted on the EMS trucks. These amazing machines can detect the smallest use of radioactivity that could be found in certain materials and machines such as the ones used in hospital radiology departments. Luckily the software can tell the difference.

Does the U.S. have knowledge of a dirty bomb attack looming? Is this the reason why 73 EMS trucks were equipped with radioactive detectors? Does the range of North Korean and Iranian missile capability have the United States of America concerned? The signs point to yes. To have a test of this magnitude eventually go nationwide leads me to believe that something may not be right.


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