does cocaine make women horny

Does Cocaine make women horny? Women and Drugs: What You Don’t Know

So Does Cocaine make women horny? A Myth that needs to be discussed.

A 2015 data report from the United States Sentencing Commission on drug offenders revealed some very interesting findings on women who are drug users.

The first and obvious finding is that in general people are going “coo-coo for coca puffs” when it comes to consuming methamphetamines. Out of 20,000 offenses, approximately thirty three percent were methamphetamine drug offenses. As issue jab delved more deep in to the data we come to the conclusion that it is safer for a woman to do drugs and not get an offense than it is for a man. We come to this conclusion because out of 20,000 drug offenses documented by the USSC, only 3,098 were women. Could it be women are not obvious in appearance in terms of being “strung out,” or looking deteriorated from drug use? Are women smarter than men when it comes to dodging law enforcement? Can we say that women are less likely to use drugs?

What is alarming from the study is that almost half of the female offenses were for methamphetamines. Are women more excited about methamphetamines than they are about Oprah, Hillary or the View? This data points to yes. In the 1980’s there was a rumor that “cocaine will make a woman horny,” in the 2000 and teen’s we can start another rumor, “methamphetamines will make a woman most likely catch a drug offense.” Of the 20,000 drug offenses reported, women were least likely to have a drug offense for crack cocaine but more likely to offend for powdered cocaine.  

It’s alarming what was interpreted and found from the statistics given by the United States Sentencing Commission. The report from the USSC showed raw data of the number of drug offenses, with the gender associated and we at made an issue on what we thought the numbers meant to us.