new nuclear arms race

New Nuclear Arms Race Set in North East Asia – The Luke Warm Cold War

We have a New Nuclear Arms Race, should we get the popcorn?

The United Nations warns that Kim Jong Un may have sparked a new nuclear arms race in the region of North East Asia. This is similar to what we saw in the 1980’s with the United States and the Soviet Union.  The recent missile tests by North Korea have caused major concern in the region. Furthermore, a nuclear arms race in that region would include more players with unpredictable temperaments.

new nuclear arms raceAt first glance when you hear about it from the mainstream media it just seems like a trivial provocation. However, in my opinion this was an act of war. The North Korean missile landed in the Economic zone of Japan. It gets serious when you consider what an Exclusive Economic Zone is; an economic zone is a set territory of waters for a specific sovereign nation. These waters are used for a nation to utilize for resources: fishing, energy, aw well as exploration. If that was the United States that could have been the Florida Keys or Rockaway Beach. How would America reply to that? Let’s just say there would be a pyramid of naked North Koreans in a Luke warm cell block in Cuba.

Moreover, the new nuclear arms race in the North Eastern Asian region should be taken seriously.

That missile could have struck a Japanese boat or a critical energy infrastructure of Japan that may have been located in the part of their Economic Zone. However, the damage is already done. North Korea did in fact attack Japan with this missile test because when the missile hit the Japanese territorial water, debris from the missile damaged the coral and marine wild life in the Economic zone; as all missiles do when they hit the sea. In addition, the debris from the missile can also wash ashore in the event of an occurrence from nature.

Therefore, the race is on. The United Nations warns that these acts can cause instability in the region. Members of the Security Council commit to a nuclear resolution but North Korea does not seem as if they are ready to commit. Also, let us bear in mind that Japan is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and China who is a permanent member of the council needs to maintain the image of being the big man on campus. In conclusion, these are all the ingredients for a new nuclear arms race in the North East Asian region happening right under our nose.  Everyone loves Kung-Fu fighting but no one wants nuclear war.

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