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Obama Fart Scandal – Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama farting on Live TV

Obama Fart Scandal: farting in an election season

To cut to the chase, someone farted not once but two times on the Sean Hannity Show when Malik Obama was a guest , you can hear it during: 5:38 and 6:16 of this video!!! This election has had everything: racism, rage, low blows and now farts. But who blew the chunks? Did Malik Obama fart? Did Sean Hannity Fart? Was it Roger Ailes in the neighboring county of where it was filmed? 

It was surprising to see Malik Obama on camera speaking out against his half-brother, President Barack Obama. The content of what Malik Obama was saying about his half-brother and the President of the United States was revealing and thought provoking. Also, I don’t believe I ever encountered a moment when a journalist would use the family of the president as a pawn. Many can argue that it was disgraceful and disrespectful.

However, what shocked me the most is that someone farted two times on live television during the Sean Hannity show. I can’t point fingers but I will say the most obvious and prime farter suspects are either: Malik Obama or Sean Hannity because of the impact the sound made which leads me to believe this was from someone’s butt close to boom microphone. It could have easily been the stage crew but seeing the facial expressions starting from 5: 38 in this video all arrows point to Malik Obama, but your innocent until proven guilty.

It may have well been Sean Hannity. I would not put it past Sean Hannity to fart on live TV inconspicuously. Issue Jab is still on the case……It is right to mention that we are not detectives. Sean Hannity was very cool and not bothered by the first fart, which may not have been Malik Obama and that fart could have been courtesy of Fox News staff or another Sean Hannity exclusive that like usual comes out of his ass. However, and with all due respect, the second fart was in the possession of the colon of Malik Obama. Listen closely to the second fart while Malik Obama is talking, the way he said “business empire,” when he was praising Donald Trump, it may have accidentally made him slip a fart out.

Did Malik Obama fart on live TV?

If Malik Obama farted, which I believe he may have the second time at 6:10 in this video, it is acceptable. Why? Well, he is not usually in the public eye and he may have been nervous. Being interviewed on TV is like the interview of your life for a high paying job, its nerve racking. With that in mind perhaps Malik Obama farted! Now, the other one in the beginning, I think that its courtesy of fox news, whether they were real biological farts or sound effects which I think not, SOMEONE FARTED ON LIVE TELEVISION, DURING THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW ON FOX.

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