World Health Crisis: mankind at stake from many Antibiotic resistant bacteria

A world health crisis is looming as many bacteria are now antibiotic resistant.

Bacteria that were once controlled by antibiotics are now becoming resistant to antimicrobial drugs. In other words, a cure we once had for many sicknesses are no longer effective. The bacteria strains that make these health problems are now immune to the available antibiotics out there on Earth. The World Health Organization has listed twelve families of bacteria and some can be fatal. Now there is a race to create new antibiotics for these renegade bacteria before the world suffers a plague.

These bacteria are now resistant to many forms of antibiotics. What is alarming is that these bacteria can pass along material to other bacteria. This will make the other bacteria that were passed the material also resistant to these antibiotics. Now these out of control pathogens can have the credibility to cause chaos in the world of health as more solved issues in the world of health are now unsolved once again.

The WHO’s (World Health Organization) solution is to convince nations to incentivize private sector and public funded organizations to discover new antibiotics for these rebel bacteria. However, this may be a toddler step towards success as this situation has been briefly mentioned in the news months ago.

There is a sense of urgency for this situation. As bacteria become more resistant the gas tank of treatment options are running on empty. In addition, the private sector may not save the day in time for humanity, especially if there is no profit.

Among the diseases and sicknesses caused by these high priority pathogens that are now resistant to antibiotics are Gonorrhea and food caused salmonella poisoning. Strep throat, Chlamydia and tuberculosis are also becoming resistant but are not included in the family of twelve because they are registered under other programs in the World Health Organization. Also the resistance that Chlamydia, strep throat and tuberculosis have on antibiotics is minimal.

The population is at risk. It can be deadly. It will be inconvenient. Many of the bacteria listed by the World Health Organization are found in hospitals and nursing homes. These bacteria can cause infections from blood catheters and ventilators. It can cause severe infection and possibly death.  The World Health Organization is now calling for an appropriate use of antibiotics, a better rationing of new antibiotics and a better emphasis on infection control.

world health crisis

Below is a list of 12 bacteria that are public enemy number one and priority pathogens to the world of health.

These bacteria are immune to antibiotics listed by the World Health Organization:

1) Acinetobacter baumannii – A bactera that is routed from hospitalized patients’ sputum, urine, secretions and wounds. This bacteria is said to colonize intravenous solutions and irrigating solutions. It can also cause infection in organ transplant patients. Also, A baumanni can cause nosocomial pneumonia and nosocomial meningitis. It is labeled as critical by the WHO (World Health Organization).  This bacteria is often associated with Iraq War veterans of the United States Army, as many soldiers return home with this heath issue.

2) Pseudomonas aeruginosa – A bacteria found in hospitalized patients that can be deadly. It occurs in patients with a weak immune system. This can infect your blood and give you pneumonia. The infections associated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa occur after surgery. People on breathing tubes and catheters are at risk of being infiltrated by these bacteria. The infections regarding Pseudomonas aeruginosa with its health effects are: pneumonia, endocarditis (heart infection), meningitis and brain abscess. In addition, this bacteria is associated with infections dealing with the skin, eye, ears, bones and GI tract. It is labeled as critical by the WHO (World Health Organization).

3) Enterobacteriaceae – Another bacteria labeled as critical and associated with salmonella, strains of e. coli and other bacteria.

4) Enterococcus faecium – A bacteria associated with nosocomial infections, surgical wound infection, endocarditis, and urinary tract infections.

5) Staphylococcus aureus- Related with infections frequently found in the nose, respiratory tract, and on the skin. It can be puss filled at sometimes and if not managed it can end up in the blood stream.

6) Helicobacter pylori – These germs can enter your body and live in your digestive tracts causing ulcers in your stomach and small intestine.

7) Campylobacter spp – A food borne pathogen that can cause infection and serious neurological issues.

8) Salmonellae- A food borne associated pathogen.

9) Neisseria gonorrhoeae- Affectionately known as the clap, this bacteria manifest into a sexually transmitted disease that was once curable but now out of control.

10) Streptococcus pneumonia – Common cause for pneumonia and bronchitis.

11) Haemophilus influenzae – An opportunistic pathogen that can cause additional problems when infections and other medical inconveniences occur.

12) Shigella spp- Another food borne associated pathogen.

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Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food on the rise and possibly in your belly; the latest mob hit.

Fake Food and Counterfeit Liquor are on the rise.

Is it possible that you might be at risk of consuming fake food or counterfeit liquor? Yes, in fact you may have eaten or drank it already. From December 2017 to March 2017 authorities seized over 9,800 tons of fake food and 26.4 million liters of counterfeit drink. These seizures took place during 50,000 checks at shops, markets, airports, seaports and industrial estates in 61 different countries. According to Interpol it seems to be the workings of organized crime rackets.

It seems that the new victim for organized crime is your appetite.

The most seized product was counterfeit alcohol. The runners up after fake liquor are meat and sea food. You have to wonder when you are at a barbeque if this hot dog is actually a dog. When you drank a beer and said to a friend that “it taste like piss,” you may have been on to something.

Operation Opson to the rescue.

This operation led by Interpol was assisted by police, customs, food regulatory agencies from all over the world and the private sector. That powerful combination led to $264 million worth of fake food and fake drink taken off of the market place before consumers could have been harmed.

Counterfeit Liquor and Fake Food
Courtesy of Interpol

What is alarming that although Interpol and other agencies have thwarted the plan of organized crime food fraud rackets, there may be a good remaining portion on the streets. This means that you may be at risk when you have a cold one or a nice warm meal. Officials from Interpol have encouraged the public to remain vigilant as some fake food and fake drink may still be in circulation.

Furthermore, there may be new trends of fraudulent food and fake drink out there that could have been undetected during the seizures. For example, there was a discovery of counterfeit mineral water in this operation. In addition to unregulated food and fake drink, what were also recovered among what was seized were falsified medicines for cancer, HIV and diabetes. This is outrageous. Blends of different oils were passed off as natural olive oil. Fat burning pills which if consumed would have burned your life with a stroke or a heart attack was intended to be sold to anyone.

Below are the countries where activities were recorded along with their findings of fraudulent food and counterfeit liquor (not all are mentioned):

Rwanda: Fake whiskey and more.

Nigeria: Fake champagne.

Argentina: Killer fat burning pills.

Peru: Expired food, drinks, and preparation substances stored in a rat infested storage unit.

Indonesia: Fake condiments stored in an unsanitary location.

Italy: Fake wine

Russia: Substandard alcohol using faked federal stamps.

The fact that tons of phony goods equaling millions of dollars were intercepted by authorities all over the globe, a massive amount could be in circulation undetected. Moreover, with these findings of fraud world wide, the possibilities of these fake goods hopping in to your grocery bag are extremely high. It doesn’t matter whether you are in America or Africa or anywhere in between, get a taste tester. Now come on, let’s eat.

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Who is really to blame for the May 2017 ransomware attacks? Could it have been the United States?

The May 2017 ransom ware attacks could have been encouraged by the last law passed by the Obama administration: HR Talent Act of 2017

The ransom ware attack that hit The United Kingdom and many vulnerable institutions in Europe has been a mystery. Even someone companies in the United States such as Fed Ex were hit with this ransom ware attack. Although the news media pointed fingers to a North Korean Crime ring that in our opinion is false. There is no crime ring in North Korea; the mafia, the army and the government begin and end with Kim Jong Un.

Well, if it was not the doing of a wack job regime, who was it? We feel signs points to an American policy gone wrong. Many news organizations agree that this was an NSA leak. When it was leaked it fell in to the wrongs hands. The opportunity for a leak could very well have been from the last law enacted by the Obama administration. That law is HR: Talent Act of 2017.

So what is the HR: Talent Act of 2017? In short, this bill was a recruitment frenzy of tech workers in the private sector. This includes software engineers, designers and many other roles. The aim is to keep these tech workers in the public sector of government for 12 months; afterwards they are free to do whatever they want. Well what is the problem? If you are retaining private sector workers in tech for a short period of time you will have to recruit a large amount. You can imagine a background check was minimal. You can also assume that many temporary private sector workers now have access to classified information.

When you really put it all together, you can see how the attainment and leakage of classified information can become a revolving door. Hence, this can make corruption and leaks a dime a dozen.

It was a good idea for the American government to retain their best and brightest in the private tech sector. Many tech specialists are not thinking about public life and the government does need to keep up with the times, for this reason I understand the bipartisan support for this law.

On the contrary, it may not have been the intention of the government to create revolving doors for leaks. However, it may have been this law that created the breeding grounds for the leaks of government technical information such as what is found in the National Security Agency (NSA). We can assume that HR: Talent Act of 2017 was also utilized for placing individuals in the National Security Agency, where the leaks for the latest ransom ware attack took place.

The next time the United States government wants to retain technical talent from the private sector, they should be paid handsomely and retained for three years at least. Why wouldn’t an enemy spy or a lone cock gobbler get paid by the U.S.A. for 12 months and then take the classified information to sell after the year is up? Of course they would! But did they? It is worth thinking about.


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India takes steps towards authoritarianism in the states of Jammu and Kashmir

Is India taking steps towards authoritarianism? Is this the new normal in fighting terror and radical Islam?

India has taken an authoritarian approach to fighting terror. The latest defensive from the Indian governments in Jammu and Kashmir seem to be a play right out of a North Korean play book. Student protests erupted in the Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School and College in Kashmir. In the eruption, students threw rocks and pro Islamic slogans were screamed.

The mob which started with school girls pelting stones evolved in to a multi gender collective rampage that injured police. At the end, tear gas, water cannons, and knight stick led concussions cooled off the situation.

Now, the Indian governments in the states of Jammu and Kashmir have banned twenty two different websites that are popular in India. This ban was immediately implemented on April 17, 2017 following that overwhelming student protest. The sites included in the ban are whatsapp, Face book and Twitter. As a further precaution, India has also banned internet data being streamed on 3g and 4g mobile phones.

What was the reason for the internet ban in the Indian States of Jammu and Kashmir?

It has not been in the news lately but there is a blazing inferno in India called the Hindu Muslim conflicts which are on the verge of being a war. When you consider the geography and demographics of the states of Jammu and Kashmir in India it starts to paint a more abstract and deep picture of something fragile and explosive. These Indian states border China and Pakistan. The religious demographic is overwhelmingly in the favor of Muslims in a country run by Hindus. This region has a history of war, riots and transitions of power.  Basically what happen in April 2017 in the states of Jammu and Kashmir of India was nothing less than an Arab spring. However, what is springing is Islamic fundamentalism, a concept that is even detrimental to their own fellow Muslims. With unrest in border states a lot of undesirable consequences can occur such as a war that spills over, or a state that is against its nation in favor of a bordering nation.

So, as a counter to stop the unrest, India blocked all communication as mentioned above.

When you think about, it is directly from the play books of Russia, Cuba and North Korea, where citizens of authoritarian regimes are deprived of communication devices in fear of a revolt. With the mathematics dramatically favoring Muslims over Hindus and other religions the fear is very real.

The United Nations has expressed major concern over this tactic India is using. These tactics as stated by the United Nations are below the standards of human rights. Furthermore, the banning of major social media sites on computers and phones blocks the freedom of expression of its public. The United Nations as well as America strongly endorses the ability and freedom to express one’s self and India’s latest move seems to be the anti-thesis of that endorsement. With this new normal of technological oppression in India, it is possible another larger and destructive protest can happen. It has the possibility of blooming in to a full blown riot and has the potential to be another attempted revolt in these states.

Is this is the new way of fighting terror? Will innocent people and citizens of a state they belong to be egregiously deprived of human rights in the name of fighting terror? The answer is only time will tell but what time is trying to say right now seems to be the eerie uttering syllables of a police state.

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Man vs Machine Conspiracy Podcast – The New World Order Strikes Again

In this Man vs Machine conspiracy podcast the war is on. Who is winning?

Man vs machine is a battle that has been plaguing earth for years. From the latest breakthroughs in policy and technology the war is renewing its rage. In the world of technology you are not safe. Big brother is able to locate you more accurately now. If the machine wants you, it can get you. This podcast explains how biodata on you may be shared right now by multi governments worldwide. Also, this podcast talks about how the technological networks that fuel our social lives will be on the brink of intrusion.

If you like illuminati exposed stuff then listen to this podcast. This podcast is made for people who need more than info wars.

Press play below and listen to our conspiracy audio podcast below.

Topics on this Conspiracy Podcast:

  • In the future, criminal data may be shared by worldwide government agencies. How can it affect you? Listen to this man vs machine conspiracy podcast and find out.
  • The new development on computer circuitry can help you. What if it can be used to target you? It may be easier to spy on you. Listen to the man vs the machine podcast and find out how.
  •  We delve in deeper. This podcast takes a look in to how the computer networks can attack you.  Did you ever wonder how your car can be hacked? Listen to our podcast and find out how.

It’s man versus the machine. Who will win? Listen to this awesome conspiracy podcast. For all of your new world order exposed news, listen here.

The piano jazz song in the background is by Paul Knopf. The name of the song is Strontium 90 from the album: Jazz You Can Feel Volume One.

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How to buy weed in New York – The article on a task that is mission impossible

How to buy weed in New York City has been a mystery to many. For a regular Joe, how to buy weed is a case that is impossible to crack.

Buying weed in New York City is dangerous. There’s a lot to worry about when scoring pot: plain cloths cops, a shady dealer, stick up kids and undercover police. Issue Jab will shed light on this fog of confusion we know as buying weed in New York City.

Buying weed or copping herb is mission impossible for those who are not street smart. Some people just don’t regularly associate with undesirable individuals who would be able to easily get them marijuana. In addition, if you are deep in to being a pot head, you can tend to progress in to being a full blown loner. When you are a loner, you have a fraction of a circle. That fraction of a circle looks like a quarter of an arc which consists of the one dealer you knew for years and your sexual mate. If one day the person described in the last sentence cannot access their main person for weed for one reason or the other, the first thing a pot head wants to do is venture out, explore and discover some good collie bud on some Christopher Columbus shit.

So where do they go? How do they do it? How do you score weed in New York City? Keep reading to see how to buy weed in New York.

It seems that buying weed in New York City can still happen in Washington Square Park. It’s located in Manhattan, New York. In the podcast below, we debunk and analyze the age old myth of buying weed in Washington Square Park as described by a person we interviewed. Before you go and get yourself in to an undesirable situation, I suggest you read below and see what Butch went through when he bought weed in Washington Square Park.

This is your brain on drugs ….Any questions……Yea! Where can I buy some????

This following is about a tale of a man who bought weed from Washington Square Park. We’ll call him Butch to secure his identity. He told his story of buying marijuana in New York City to us in confidence that it wouldn’t get him arrested, beat up and labeled a snitch.

Butch didn’t have a connection; he didn’t have a guy…. Butch was craving some weed or marijuana but Butch didn’t want to risk going in to a bad neighborhood to get weed. So what did he do? He lived the age old myth of New York City and tried to score some marijuana at the Washington Square Park. This park is located in Manhattan, New York City.

So, I asked him to describe his experience to a tee and leave out no details.

This is what he said and I quote Butch:

how to buy weed in new york“The first thing I did was take the train to West Fourth Street. When I got off the train, I started to walk up West Third Street from Sixth Avenue. One block up, I was at Third Street and MacDougal Street. It was right by a pizzeria and a bar. One block to the left of the pizzeria you will see an entrance to the Washington Square Park, on MacDougal Street.

I walked in that entrance that was close to West 3rd street and MacDougal Street. The first thing I saw was these chess tables. The other thing I saw was a mix array of individuals. Some were kosher and the others were sketchy. Sometimes you can get served as soon as you walk in the park right by the chess tables and the other times you have to walk around the park for a little bit.

how to buy weed in new yorkAll of the action is usually in that quarter section of the park by the West Third Street entrance and nothing but hipster shit goes on by the big water fountain.  (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

I didn’t see any one that was serving me by the chess tables but you saw a congregation of scum bag like individuals. They may have been look outs or directors that would have pointed me to the right guy. The looks outs primarily look for the cops. The problem with me is that I look like an undercover cop and they gave me that vibe. So, I walked all the way towards the water fountain and I walked back in the direction of the West third street entrance.

On the way back, I saw a really Oscar the grouch shit scruffy middle aged man. He was in a hoody and he has gray hair in his beard and hair. This is probably routing from all of that wisdom he attained in jail. He looks dead at me like he wants to rob me, and then he lifts his head in a gesture; almost as if he was trying to pick a hot woman.

I go to him, which was intimidating, because he looks like a rapist and I am in the gay part of town, which is the West Village of Manhattan, where the Washington square park is located.

He goes, I got that, which means he has weed for sale. From there, I said let me get a dime. This is a bag of ganja or weed that is worth ten dollars.  He hands it to me and at the same time I hand him my money. The only problem was that it was wrapped in a newspaper and not in a clear small plastic bag.

I didn’t think about questioning it, because the guy was intimidating and there are cops lurking around everywhere. These undercover cops come in so many forms at Washington Square Park. You can tell a cop, because it’s a homeless person who is a little more articulate and observant than usual. Sometimes it’s a gay person who does not look really gay but they have a mean looking manly face while sporty daisy dukes. Usually that seem to be the undercover police scene out in Washington Square Park as far as I could see. With all that in mind it’s a big bowl of anxiety, so I got what I was given and I took off.

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When I got home, I opened the newspaper wrapped in weed and it was a big stem and sprinkles of garbage weed worth 10 cents not ten dollars. In other words I got burned.  “how to buy weed in new york

That was Butch’s experience in buying weed in Washington Square Park. It was horrible and it didn’t work out for him; in addition, when he jerked off to porn hub later that night, it made him feel like less of a man.

Don’t do anything illegal. That’s the moral of the story !!!


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Are UFO’s real or is it a Government Test? The latest in this mysterious saga.

Are UFO’s really aliens from outer space or is it the Government trying out their new toys?

UFO sightings have occurred periodically through the years. It’s been happening as early as the 1960s. Every time something is sighted in the sky that does not resemble a plane we automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s alien life visiting us. The unidentified flying objects hover. These objects fly in all directions. Then all of a sudden these unidentified flying objects exit in the speed of light. Other times it appears as if the object disappeared in thin air.

The latest airplane technology released by Darpa really puts a lot of theories about alien life and UFO’s in to question. On the other hand, the latest technological breakthrough of Darpa may lead people to wonder if we were given alien technology. Check out this video:

Darpa’s VTOL-X plane has all of the characteristics of a text book UFO extraterrestrial alien air craft. It has a saucer like star trek shape. The VTOL-X plane hoovers up and down in a “beam me up, Scotty” fashion. It travels close to the speed of light. This new aircraft by Darpa  has the speed capacity of 300 knots; in other words, 345 miles per hour.

You can view the video in this article and you can see those alien like traits it possesses. If I did not come across this, I would have thought it was an actual extraterrestrial UFO. However, are aliens real? Is there life on other planets somewhere in the universe? Could it be possible that those unidentified flying objects that people all over the world have been sighting are just government related secret tests?

After watching the video and seeing the capability of this new form of aircraft the mystery deepens and doubt amplifies as to whether it’s Darpa or someone nosey as hell in Jupiter.

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Oppression by Mass Incarceration: The current situation of the Aborigine People of Australia

The aborigine people of Australia are under siege by mass incarceration.

Twenty seven percent of Australia’s prison population is Aborigine. However, the Aboriginal people of Australia are only three percent of the population. The astonishing numerical rate of aboriginal people incarcerated in Australia right now almost feels like a mini holocaust. A hundred plus years after Australian colonization, these numbers make you feel as if colonization is still alive and well in Australia.

Only three percent of Australia’s population is Aborigine. That is roughly 669,900 Aborigines in the country. Of the total amount of the Aborigine population: 180,873 Aborigines are incarcerated. That is twenty seven percent of 669,900. Furthermore, that does not account for the oppressed minorities that are arrested.  These numbers are derived from the United Nations. Some of the reported amongst the incarcerated Aborigine in Australia have been as young as 12 years old.

The cause of this issue seems to be a lack of government funding for these indigenous communities.

With the probability of job prospects next to zero and a lack of education, poverty and imprisonment seems to be the unfortunate destiny of the Aborigine population of Australia.

You can almost liken the Aborigine to the African American in the United States of America. African Americans are only 12% of the population and are also an astronomical percentage of the American prison population.

In America, an African American is more likely to be locked up or have their kid taken by child protective services as opposed to someone who is a Caucasian American; the United Nations reports that it is also the same for the Aborigine. Any minority in America will effortlessly tell you that they have family or know someone who has been arrested, at least. With a total population of 669,900 Aborigines and 180,873 of that total being imprisoned, the social ramifications on this minority group are agonizing.  Considering an African American population in the millions, and an Aborigine population in the thousands, you can imagine, one Aborigine family has at least two family members in jail or have someone in their life that is locked up. This is true misery. The feeling a family has, in addition to the effect it has on the children are some of the many dilemmas caused by someone who is in jail. The whole family suffers as the bread winner is arrested. Whether someone is guilty or innocent is a different conversation, but when 27 percent of a prison population derives from a minority group that makes up 3 percent of the mass population of one country is oppressive policy if not neglectful policy.

The numbers point to a social slaughter of a people who were given the spiritual right of a land that was colonized from them. Only time will tell what will happen to an embattled people deprived of help, pounded by a policy that works against them. Let’s hope for the best.

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Pentobarbital & Salmonella in dog food: The dog food recalls of 2017

Dog Food Recalls you should know about: Pentobarbital & Salmonella in dog food and the risks involved for your dog.

Protect your pet and keep informed.

What happens if your dog consumes pentobarbital?Dog Food recalls that you are not aware of can harm your pet in some cases it can lead to death. Make sure the pet food you buy for your pet is not in the recall list. The following dog foods listed have been recalled. If you buy these pet foods for your pets, please stop using them immediately. This list is some of the many pet foods that were recalled by the center for disease control that we thought caused the most detrimental health risks to pets and their owners.

Pet Food Recalls List:

Pet Food Brand name and Product: Barnsdale Farms, HoundsTooth and Mac’s Choice – Dog Treat Pig ears by Eurocan Manufacturing. (March 20th 2017)

What’s wrong with it? It is tainted with Salmonella.

What happens if your dog has salmonella?

If your dog contracts salmonella it can lead to stomach problems with your pet. Moreover, if your dog contracts salmonella, it can pass the salmonella virus to you the human owner. When diseases pass from animal to human it can be pretty brutal on your immune system.

Pet Food Brand name and Product: Evanger’s, Against the Grain – Hunk of Beef, Braised Beef, and Pulled Beef canned dog food by Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food (March 3rd 2017)

What’s wrong with it? It contains Pentobarbital.

What happens if your dog consumes pentobarbital?

This is very serious. Pentobarbital is used to euthanize dogs or put them to sleep. The CDC reports that if Pentobarbital is contained in small doses in dog food it cannot harm the animal. However, we do not know how much is in there and as a petowner, I would not want to feed my dog anything that would contain that poison.

Pet owners who bought Grreat Choice Adult Dog Food with Chicken & Rice by pet smart please in February 2017 please discard it because there are metal pieces in the food. If you bought Against the Grain Dog Food in February of 2017 get rid of it, this product also has Pentobarbital, a substance that can kill you pet.

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Is there cancer in soda? Yea there might be. Its happening in Africa.

Coca-Cola soda products may lead to an explosive cancer epidemic in Africa.

There is a court order from a high court in Lagos, Nigeria to place warning labels on Coca-Cola products to inform people not to consume products such as Fanta and Sprite with vitamin C. Why? In England, where some of these sodas were attempted to be imported from an African bottling plant, samples of popular Coca-Cola products bottled in Africa,  Fanta and Sprite were tested. The result of the test conducted in England was that when these sodas are mixed with vitamin C it creates a toxin in the bodies of those who consume it.

africaHow did it all happen?

Nigerian businessman, Fijabi Adebo ordered a mass quantity of Coca-Cola products to be exported to the UK. Upon arrival at the UK border, the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Trading Standards Department of Environment and Economy Directorate tested small samples of products from Coca-Cola. The products tested were Fanta and Sprite that came out of a Nigerian bottling plant called Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. The results found chemicals such as Sunset Yellow and Benzoic Acid in excessive levels. When these components are mixed with Vitamin C, toxins occur in your body.

From this outcome, a court order was issued to place warning labels on these specific Coca-Cola products coming out of the Nigerian Bottling plant for the mentioned products manufactured in these plants.

The court order was derivative from a lawsuit made by Adebo against the bottling plant. However, a spokesperson from the bottling plant swears these products are safe and Adebo has no case because they were not supposed to be exported.

Although the UK may have dodged a bullet shot by a what seems to be shady business practices to get the lowest priced products in to a high demand market, portions of the world are still at risk as this can happen again and it may be undetected. According to a statement from Coca-Cola on their website: bottling plants in Africa serve forty percent of the markets in the African continent in addition to eleven undeveloped countries nearby.

Africa has billions of people and so do the combination of eleven developing countries. Just do the math on 40% or Africa; it would definitely equal millions of people.

Whether this can happen in America is yet unfounded, but an attempt of tainted imports of popular soft drinks that could have been consumed by millions has been foiled.

However, this problem is far from over because that bottling plant is still in business and they can credibly reach a sizable portion of the 40% of African markets.

In other words, millions of people in Africa and in developing countries may be in contact with highly carcinogenic soda and it gets worse if they consume vitamin C with it.

Is this a health scare or the most organized practical joke ever accomplished in a third world country? This is equivalent to the myth that if you feed seagulls alka-seltzer they’ll explode. Think about it: you take a vitamin C, wash it down with some soda and then it happens, toxins in your body..

With government agencies that protect Americans from these food fiascos being cut under the sword of President Trump, people in the United States may have something to worry about should these imports surface in a bodega somewhere in America.


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Writing on issues that are political, social and bizarre