Youth STD Outbreak Explosion expected in the United States, like right now

Are we on the verge of a youth STD outbreak?

A youth STD outbreak is inevitable:The Center for Disease Control warns that a high percentage of people in the age range of 15-25 who are covered by their parents insurance through the Obama care expansion refuse sexual and reproductive health care (STD testing). It becomes a problem when you consider the youth in the age demographic who are extremely sexually active combined with their refusal to check themselves for STD’s will eventually lead to an outbreak within this age group.

The CDC reports that people in this age group of 15-25 are embarrassed to talk to a doctor about issues involving reproductive and sexual health care for the main reason that they do not want their parents to know, out of fear. It gets even worse if the kid’s parent is present during the doctor visit. So, the real killer here in this medical mishap of an outbreak waiting to happen is confidentiality and fear thereof. The rate of people seeking care regarding sexual health is higher for people of this age group who are not afraid of their parents knowing than it is for the people in this group that are afraid of their parents knowing.

The Issue Jab here is that we are on a dawn of an STD epidemic. The center for disease control gave an estimate in a family growth survey: out of 17 million people who are 15 – 25, twelve percent are denying sexual and reproductive care. In other words, there are 2 million people who may be wet humping each other like bunnies, may feel that they are suffering STD symptoms and are not getting tested because they are afraid their parents will find out; yet they are still having sex!

Imagine a woman who appears to be healthy; she is 20, in college and under her parents insurance. She has sex with someone in her dorm, she starts to experience STD symptoms but she does not get herself checked out because of embarrassment of her parents finding out. The next day, she goes to a night club to dance away her worries of STD symptoms, she meets an unhappily married man in his 30’s or 40’s. The unhappily married and middle aged man now has sex with the woman who is twenty years old, he may catch that STD, give it his wife, his wife kisses their kids, and GOD forbid, now the poor guy’s kids have pink eye! Now imagine the actual number of the CDC statistic, of the two million kids who are refusing sexual health care, there might be at least 10,000 who may have caught an STD, never got checked and are still sexually active! With multiple partners and a “girls drink for free night,” it can lead to a real problem.

Furthermore and unfortunately, it gets worse, because this demographic of 15-25 year olds who are sexually active and refusing medical care for sexual health also includes the LBGT communities in addition to the straight communities. This credible youth STD outbreak has the potential to have legs, tentacles and an iphone, so please be careful.

The solution: masturbate or make sure you and your partner are not having sex with more than one person or the same person behind each other’s back…


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US Government Cracks Down on Spoofing

The United States Government fired a legislative shot at prank callers, hackers, scammers and identity thieves. The bullet from that fired shot is a law titled: S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act of 2017.

What this law says is that you cannot make a phone call or a text message and present an inaccurate number on their caller ID. So the bright side is Grandma can’t get tricked out of her life savings because she thinks her grandson who is in grave danger is calling and needs some money, meanwhile its some hacker in another country who used her grandson’s number to disguise his number on her caller ID, hence the term spoofing.

Spoofing can be used for scamming people out of their personal information and money, as the deceptive practice of making your phone number numerically appear familiar to you and prompting you to answer. Spoofing is also used by scum bag sweat shop telemarketers who also use these tactics to make you pick up the phone.

This is actually one time when the Government is right on schedule with a legislation that protects us. There really and truly was no legislation for those who have been tele-fucked by the digital finger prints we leave behind, such as a name and number. The wrong person finds that information and if they find a digital footprint of a relative, they can spoof a call to that person’s relative and scam them out of money. There have also been times when organizations were screwed out of money and information by spoofed calls imitating an upper management figure.

The bad side to the S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act is that it’s a real sad day for prank callers because they also use these tactics to put on the greatest prank calls ever. It’s now very possible that an uninformed pranker could land them self in cuffs for the prank of the century in their respected areas. So, if you are professional prank caller like: Jerky Boys, Prank Yankers or Ownage Pranks or if you are an amateur who got drunk and picked up a phone instead of getting behind the wheel, be careful, you might be breaking the law.


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Why Donald Trump will not get impeached Right Now

There are a lot of discussions, rants and chants about getting President Donald Trump impeached.

The question is can he really be impeached at this moment? At this moment, my answer is no. Why? How? Let’s first understand two things: how impeachment works and the will for a politician to kiss butt.

To describe impeachment in a nutshell, Congress has the sole power to impeach a government official and the Senate holds the court hearings regarding such matters. To be more specific, according to “Under the Constitution, the House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach a government official, in effect serving as prosecutor. The Senate then holds the impeachment trial, essentially serving as jury and judge, except in the impeachment of a president, when the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice presides.” (

When you keep in mind the actual process of impeachment and combine it with mathematics and political felattio many people are about to be disappointed. As for Mathematics, at the present moment, in Congress there are 238 Republicans and 193 Democrats. In the Senate the numbers add up to 48 Democrats and 52 Republicans. Given the mathematics, a majority of the Republicans and surprisingly a few Democrats are firmly behind Donald Trump like dog nose and ass. So when you consider a congress with an overwhelming majority in support of Trump as there are 238 republicans and the possibility that at least 10 Democrats in the House favor Trump, the sole power of Congress to start an impeachment proceeding seems to be, in my opinion pretty dim. The numbers favor him too much. Furthermore, when you look forward to the impeachment trial that would be handled by the Senate the same principal applies.

Despite a poor and chaotic rollout of the Travel ban, the stock market is on a dramatic rise which may signify a credible chance of business investment in the economy resulting in jobs and that may be something politicians, on a bipartisan level would not want to compromise. Allegations made about the President, although credible are pretty light at the moment, so there again, impeachment still seems far fetch. However, the situation is still unraveling and allegations can become more solid and non-ignorable to address, which could lead to impeachment proceedings, but as of right now while allegations hold some weight but not enough, my opinion is President Donald Trump is still in the clear, for now at least.

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AFGHAN WATER CRISIS: Afghanistan’s war over water

The AFGHAN WATER CRISIS will be the new reason for war in Afghanistan. The new face and cause for the most gruesome wars to come in Afghanistan will be over water.

Due to the AFGHAN WATER CRISIS, tensions are expected to boil over to a level never seen before between the Taliban, the Afghan government and Afghan farmers. A new war can happen any moment. These tensions are stemming from a lack of implementation on current water laws. In America the wheels of justice move slow enough; imagine a horribly tuned machine like Afghanistan? If you look at current events in Afghanistan it is clear that the wheels of justice surely do move as slow as expected for an undemocratic third world country.

As the wheels move slowly to implement the water law that does not deprive some Afghani farmers over others the outcome will most likely lead to many farmers’ crops burning in an unforgiving sun. This will certainly cause an uprising with the people of Afghanistan. What will that uprising result in? Will it be an increase in Taliban membership? Will it mean new factions in certain territories waging war for water?

It is a political sewer back up of a situation when considering the death grip of Sharia law in Afghanistan that regards water as sacred. In addition, there are mirabs or neighborhood shot callers that ration water. These mirabs are required at their own discretion to be objective, fair and democratic when rationing water to the people of Afghanistan.  Can we really rely on the mirabs to have the characteristics mentioned in the last sentence? I don’t think we can. This is why, if this situation does not get resolved Allied troops in the region can be in danger of being sucked into another war that really has nothing to do with the security of Allied Nations (U.S. Europe, and their allies). Now, if the mirabs aren’t bad enough, there are five councils to resolve these disputes and implement a fair policy before it reaches the court. This system isn’t rigged, IT’S STUPID!

In addition to the war within, the global warming crisis can make the Afghan water supply very scarce or make parts of the region flooded leaving their land under siege and inhabitable, causing a refugee crisis or a real estate dispute for bodies of water in neighboring territories. Afghanistan is surrounded by six countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Pakistan, and Iran; an occurrence of nature accelerated by our current state of consumption can leave whatever is left of a country affected by water issues brought on by global warming to possibly annex parts of a neighboring country where the source of water is by the border.  That can lead to a multiregional war or possibly a world war as the Afghan border is near countries with influence on major players in the international community.

As allied forces bang their heads against the walls on how to nation build effectively, fight terror and stop radicals, the solution could be right there in front of their faces. Instead of looking for Taliban in Afghanistan, Allied forces should make a better water system for those people to gain influence over them. If they had water to flush their pea, water their crops, wash their gluteus Maximus and drink a tall glass water on a hot day like a human being, they may be less prone to being terrorists. If the west and Allied forces did something for this region that was generous that the natives knew didn’t come from Allah two great results can happen: a rogue sharia law nation can move towards a secular government and this hostile region will be friendlier to the ways of the Western Hemisphere.

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Women and Drugs: What You Don’t Know

A 2015 data report from the United States Sentencing Commission on drug offenders revealed some very interesting findings on women who are drug users.

The first and obvious finding is that in general people are going “coo-coo for coca puffs” when it comes to consuming methamphetamines. Out of 20,000 offenses, approximately thirty three percent were methamphetamine drug offenses. As issue jab delved more deep in to the data we come to the conclusion that it is safer for a woman to do drugs and not get an offense than it is for a man. We come to this conclusion because out of 20,000 drug offenses documented by the USSC, only 3,098 were women. Could it be women are not obvious in appearance in terms of being “strung out,” or looking deteriorated from drug use? Are women smarter than men when it comes to dodging law enforcement? Can we say that women are less likely to use drugs? What is alarming from the study is that almost half of the female offenses were for methamphetamines. Are women more excited about methamphetamines than they are about Oprah, Hillary or the View? This data points to yes. In the 1980’s there was a rumor that “cocaine will make a woman horny,” in the 2000 and teen’s we can start another rumor, “methamphetamines will make a woman most likely catch a drug offense.” Of the 20,000 drug offenses reported, women were least likely to have a drug offense for crack cocaine but more likely to offend for powdered cocaine.  (Please make a donation to this website on the top right corner, any amount would be appreciated)

It’s alarming what was interpreted and found from the statistics given by the United States Sentencing Commission. The report from the USSC showed raw data of the number of drug offenses, with the gender associated and we at made an issue on what we thought the numbers meant to us.

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Are New York City Housing Projects becoming Authoritarian?

HUD’s new smoke free law has banned all smoking in New York City Public housing units.

From herein, smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the projects a.k.a public housing. This law includes a ban on individuals who are smoking in the comfort and security of their own apartment. What is most concerning about this new law is the logistics of how it will be enforced. With what evidence can an officer charge someone for smoking in their apartment without a warrant to go in the apartment and smell the smoke or see someone smoking? Another concern is, will people be falsely accused and reprimanded per these antismoking laws to be enforced in New York City public housing projects?

The only way one can imagine this rule being enforced is by an authoritarian kind of tactic of walking the halls and knocking on doors to inquire. This can possibly be a very dangerous situation for police officers and residents, whose makeup is mostly minorities. Can accusations of smoking lead to false tickets or arrests? Moreover, can these simple and unnecessary enforcements lead to an argument between citizens and authorities that cause someone to get hurt as a resident must respect authority but may be upset at the pettiness of the HUD anti-smoking law?

These kinds of enforcements remind me of when Sandra Bland was arrested and then mysteriously died in custody. Could there be a situation where someone who is rough in their appearance, who possibly is not welcomed anywhere other than the front yard of their project building be harassed for a simple cigarette which leads to an unfortunate result? This law may be possibly too much of an oppressive control on the public. Could the accusation of smoking a cigarette be an excuse for a police man to harass a minority? These are issues that raise concern when dealing with the HUD anti-smoking laws.

This law feels very authoritarian and draconian. To control what goes on in someone’s household is undemocratic to say the least, communist to say the most. Something else to consider is that smokers have rights and what smokers do in their own home is their own right.

In defense of HUD, they state that 32 million dollars will be saved in fire damage, however, are those fire damages from lit cigarettes? Also, the HUD claims that 300 million dollars will be saved in medical fees due to not living with smokers, however, people who are underprivileged tend to also have a diabetic problems as well as stress related illnesses and they all do not smoke.

When we interviewed someone from the George Washington Houses in the Bronx, who did not want to give his last name he said: “This is nothing but barbaric and authoritarian. We don’t need big brother to watch us like this! I just came out of the homeless shelter, life is not a picnic; in addition I can’t find a job! From there, I went in to the projects from the homeless shelter. I was in there with the worst. But now I can’t smoke in my own home? This aint Russia!! After what I been through, I need a smoke or a beer or something more!” (Timothy, public housing resident)

The poor will have to suffer more and be oppressed even more and an anti-smoking law that regulates what you do in your home is evidence of that.  This law can make New York City a lot of money in ticket revenue, but how much can New York City’s poor take? What made New York City great and something to invest is non-existent and what we’re left with is just a reason to move. Shame on New York City!


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Obama Fart Scandal – Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama farting on Live TV

Obama Fart Scandal: farting in an election season

To cut to the chase, someone farted not once but two times on the Sean Hannity Show when Malik Obama was a guest , you can hear it during: 5:38 and 6:16 of this video!!! This election has had everything: racism, rage, low blows and now farts. But who blew the chunks? Did Malik Obama fart? Did Sean Hannity Fart? Was it Roger Ailes in the neighboring county of where it was filmed? 

It was surprising to see Malik Obama on camera speaking out against his half-brother, President Barack Obama. The content of what Malik Obama was saying about his half-brother and the President of the United States was revealing and thought provoking. Also, I don’t believe I ever encountered a moment when a journalist would use the family of the president as a pawn. Many can argue that it was disgraceful and disrespectful.

However, what shocked me the most is that someone farted two times on live television during the Sean Hannity show. I can’t point fingers but I will say the most obvious and prime farter suspects are either: Malik Obama or Sean Hannity because of the impact the sound made which leads me to believe this was from someone’s butt close to boom microphone. It could have easily been the stage crew but seeing the facial expressions starting from 5: 38 in this video all arrows point to Malik Obama, but your innocent until proven guilty.

It may have well been Sean Hannity. I would not put it past Sean Hannity to fart on live TV inconspicuously. Issue Jab is still on the case……It is right to mention that we are not detectives. Sean Hannity was very cool and not bothered by the first fart, which may not have been Malik Obama and that fart could have been courtesy of Fox News staff or another Sean Hannity exclusive that like usual comes out of his ass. However, and with all due respect, the second fart was in the possession of the colon of Malik Obama. Listen closely to the second fart while Malik Obama is talking, the way he said “business empire,” when he was praising Donald Trump, it may have accidentally made him slip a fart out.

Did Malik Obama fart on live TV?

If Malik Obama farted, which I believe he may have the second time at 6:10 in this video, it is acceptable. Why? Well, he is not usually in the public eye and he may have been nervous. Being interviewed on TV is like the interview of your life for a high paying job, its nerve racking. With that in mind perhaps Malik Obama farted! Now, the other one in the beginning, I think that its courtesy of fox news, whether they were real biological farts or sound effects which I think not, SOMEONE FARTED ON LIVE TELEVISION, DURING THE SEAN HANNITY SHOW ON FOX.

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Which Countries Have The Least Debt?

There are three countries listed that do not have debt what so ever. These three countries are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein. In other words while the United States owes billions of dollars and Greece’s debt is causing that country to fall apart, there are three countries with $0.00 in debt, which are: Brunei, Macau, and Liechtenstein.

A little bit about the countries with the least debt in the world:

Brunei: This country is run by the same family for centuries located in the Southern Asian area of the world. It is a majority Muslim country that is oil rich and smaller than Delaware. This country is rarely bothered by earthquakes and flooding.

Liechtenstein: A European nation with 3.2% unemployment, located between Austria and Switzerland has a rich history from its beginnings as a Holy Roman Empire in 1719, to being included in chapters of the Napoleonic wars, to gaining their independence. Ever since World War Two, this country has a very low tax rate up to present date and this has fueled economic growth. When faced with a financial controversy of money laundering, they immediately addressed it with a treaty. It is said that this country is one of the only two in the world to be land locked. The terrain is mostly mountainous. With a country as small as Washington DC and no resources what so ever, their nurturing of an enterprise economy is certainly proving to be a healthy debt free economy.

Macau: Technically part of China, Macau enjoys the feeling of autonomy and the feeling of being a debt free country. They have an agreement with China to be one country and two systems, they have control of their destiny but they are limited to foreign affairs and defense issues, which are dealt with by China, other than that Macau is its own nation. This country located in Eastern Asia that borders the South China Sea is a tourism rich nation reliant upon its casinos. With the billions of Chinese neighboring with the other Asian countries its revenues derive from their casino and gaming revenues that their tourism generates from its neighbors.


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