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The word: “Thug” and its relation to racism in America and the media.

It has been debated that the word “thug” is possibly a racist code word to refer to African Americans or other minority groups who are documented in news stories for committing a crime.

Is the word Thug racist? Does the word thug have racial undertones?

Subconsciously it may have strong racial undertones. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that calling someone a thug is a strong word. A thug is one step below a terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. Let us look at where the word derives from? If the word “thug” is a tree its roots are the Sanskrit word it came from: Thugee.

The Thugee are an ancient Indian sect that worshipped the beautiful Goddess Kali. In the Hindu religion Kali is a warrior Goddess who was sent here to destroy a demon on Earth at that time. However, this specific sect of Hindus and Muslims were criminals. They would murder by strangulation and rob all through India. Their victims were tourists, traveling businessmen, their fellow countrymen, and English colonialist. At the end of the Thugee reign of terror their murder count rose close to a million people. A law maker from England who managed a region of England’s colonized India started a campaign to rid India of the Thugee sect.  This law maker imprisoned them and separated them from their families, many times even jailing the Thug’s families ensuring the extinction of this treacherous group.  After the extinction of the Thugee anyone who was a threat to English rule in India was referred to as a Thugee or “thugs” and given the same kind of oppressive treatment as it was easier to incriminate someone to favor the English agenda.

With that in mind, for a broadcaster to call someone a thug to refer to minorities protesting or a protest gone wrong may be likening them to the ancient group of individuals who terrorized and killed millions of people for over 400 years, the Thugee sect. This may be how a conservative talk host who says this term may feel about the subject they are describing. We cannot say it was not well thought out because in a broadcast news setting there are multiple meetings and approvals needed for the use of certain words.

So, yes, the word “thug” has an extreme racial undertone as it really exemplifies how the host is feeling when they refer to someone in a news cast or talk show. I am not condoning any violence at a protest that was caused by a small group that made it hard for peaceful protestors to exercise their right to protest, and if you commit a crime you should be arrested. However, words have power and in the media business a word can label you for good. So the next time we call someone a thug let’s make sure the action in question is identical to the actual Thugee sect in which the word Thug comes from.  With that in mind, it may have been wrong for Tupac Shakur and a generation to refer to themselves as thugs because they are not one fraction as evil as the ancient Thugee sect was.

Just because two fat girls shut down a Bernie Sanders campaign doesn’t make them “thugs,” it makes them a nuisance at that moment. If some young protestor shoulder blocks a news anchor and that fat news anchor falls to the floor and is ok afterwards, that young protestor is not a “thug,” he is a saint and a child of God. Jai Kali Ma!!!!  Check our sources to see how we come to our reasoning, especially if you want to delve in to the meaning of “thug” for your own research.






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