Are UFO’s real or is it a Government Test? The latest in this mysterious saga.

Are UFO’s really aliens from outer space or is it the Government trying out their new toys?

UFO sightings have occurred periodically through the years. It’s been happening as early as the 1960s. Every time something is sighted in the sky that does not resemble a plane we automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s alien life visiting us. The unidentified flying objects hover. These objects fly in all directions. Then all of a sudden these unidentified flying objects exit in the speed of light. Other times it appears as if the object disappeared in thin air.

The latest airplane technology released by Darpa really puts a lot of theories about alien life and UFO’s in to question. On the other hand, the latest technological breakthrough of Darpa may lead people to wonder if we were given alien technology. Check out this video:

Darpa’s VTOL-X plane has all of the characteristics of a text book UFO extraterrestrial alien air craft. It has a saucer like star trek shape. The VTOL-X plane hoovers up and down in a “beam me up, Scotty” fashion. It travels close to the speed of light. This new aircraft by Darpa  has the speed capacity of 300 knots; in other words, 345 miles per hour.

You can view the video in this article and you can see those alien like traits it possesses. If I did not come across this, I would have thought it was an actual extraterrestrial UFO. However, are aliens real? Is there life on other planets somewhere in the universe? Could it be possible that those unidentified flying objects that people all over the world have been sighting are just government related secret tests?

After watching the video and seeing the capability of this new form of aircraft the mystery deepens and doubt amplifies as to whether it’s Darpa or someone nosey as hell in Jupiter.

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Source: http://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2017-04-04