S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act of 2017

US Government Cracks Down on Spoofing

The United States Government fired a legislative shot at prank callers, hackers, scammers and identity thieves. The bullet from that fired shot is a law titled: S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act of 2017.

What this law says is that you cannot make a phone call or a text message and present an inaccurate number on their caller ID. So the bright side is Grandma can’t get tricked out of her life savings because she thinks her grandson who is in grave danger is calling and needs some money, meanwhile its some hacker in another country who used her grandson’s number to disguise his number on her caller ID, hence the term spoofing.

Spoofing can be used for scamming people out of their personal information and money, as the deceptive practice of making your phone number numerically appear familiar to you and prompting you to answer. Spoofing is also used by scum bag sweat shop telemarketers who also use these tactics to make you pick up the phone.

This is actually one time when the Government is right on schedule with a legislation that protects us. There really and truly was no legislation for those who have been tele-fucked by the digital finger prints we leave behind, such as a name and number. The wrong person finds that information and if they find a digital footprint of a relative, they can spoof a call to that person’s relative and scam them out of money. There have also been times when organizations were screwed out of money and information by spoofed calls imitating an upper management figure.

The bad side to the S. 134: Spoofing Prevention Act is that it’s a real sad day for prank callers because they also use these tactics to put on the greatest prank calls ever. It’s now very possible that an uninformed pranker could land them self in cuffs for the prank of the century in their respected areas. So, if you are professional prank caller like: Jerky Boys, Prank Yankers or Ownage Pranks or if you are an amateur who got drunk and picked up a phone instead of getting behind the wheel, be careful, you might be breaking the law.



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