how to buy weed in new york

How to buy Weed in New York City: An interview with a person who bought weed on NYC’s black market

How to buy weed in New York City has been a mystery to many. For a regular Joe, how to buy weed is a case that is impossible to crack.

Buying weed in New York City is dangerous. There’s a lot to worry about when scoring pot: plain cloths cops, a shady dealer, stick up kids and undercover police. Issue Jab will shed light on this fog of confusion we know as buying weed in New York City.

Buying weed or copping herb is mission impossible for those who are not street smart. Some people just don’t regularly associate with undesirable individuals who would be able to easily get them marijuana. In addition, if you are deep in to being a pot head, you can tend to progress in to being a full blown loner. When you are a loner, you have a fraction of a circle. That fraction of a circle looks like a quarter of an arc which consists of the one dealer you knew for years and your sexual mate. If one day the person described in the last sentence cannot access their main person for weed for one reason or the other, the first thing a pot head wants to do is venture out, explore and discover some good collie bud on some Christopher Columbus shit.

So where do they go? How do they do it? How do you score weed in New York City? Keep reading to see how to buy weed in New York.

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It seems that buying weed in New York City can still happen in Washington Square Park. It’s located in Manhattan, New York. In the podcast below, we debunk and analyze the age old myth of buying weed in Washington Square Park as described by a person we interviewed. Before you go and get yourself in to an undesirable situation, I suggest you read below and see what Butch went through when he bought weed in Washington Square Park.

This is your brain on drugs ….Any questions……Yea! Where can I buy some????

This following is about a tale of a man who bought weed from Washington Square Park. We’ll call him Butch to secure his identity. He told his story of buying marijuana in New York City to us in confidence that it wouldn’t get him arrested, beat up and labeled a snitch.

Dogged and Out is a cartoon short film on Amazon about dogs who are forced to be strays due to gentrification. Please support that movie. Go on Amazon or put this link in google:

Butch didn’t have a connection; he didn’t have a guy…. Butch was craving some weed or marijuana but Butch didn’t want to risk going in to a bad neighborhood to get weed. So what did he do? He lived the age old myth of New York City and tried to score some marijuana at the Washington Square Park. This park is located in Manhattan, New York City.

So, I asked him to describe his experience to a tee and leave out no details.

This is what he said and I quote Butch:

how to buy weed in new york“The first thing I did was take the train to West Fourth Street. When I got off the train, I started to walk up West Third Street from Sixth Avenue. One block up, I was at Third Street and MacDougal Street. It was right by a pizzeria and a bar. One block to the left of the pizzeria you will see an entrance to the Washington Square Park, on MacDougal Street.

Dogged and Out is a cartoon short film on Amazon about dogs who are forced to be strays due to gentrification. Please support that movie. Go on Amazon or put this link in google:

I walked in that entrance that was close to West 3rd street and MacDougal Street. The first thing I saw was these chess tables. The other thing I saw was a mix array of individuals. Some were kosher and the others were sketchy. Sometimes you can get served as soon as you walk in the park right by the chess tables and the other times you have to walk around the park for a little bit.

how to buy weed in new yorkAll of the action is usually in that quarter section of the park by the West Third Street entrance and nothing but hipster shit goes on by the big water fountain.  

I didn’t see any one that was serving me by the chess tables but you saw a congregation of scum bag like individuals. They may have been look outs or directors that would have pointed me to the right guy. The looks outs primarily look for the cops. The problem with me is that I look like an undercover cop and they gave me that vibe. So, I walked all the way towards the water fountain and I walked back in the direction of the West third street entrance.

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On the way back, I saw a really Oscar the grouch shit scruffy middle aged man. He was in a hoody and he has gray hair in his beard and hair. This is probably routing from all of that wisdom he attained in jail. He looks dead at me like he wants to rob me, and then he lifts his head in a gesture; almost as if he was trying to pick a hot woman.

I go to him, which was intimidating, because he looks like a rapist and I am in the gay part of town, which is the West Village of Manhattan, where the Washington square park is located.

He goes, I got that, which means he has weed for sale. From there, I said let me get a dime. This is a bag of ganja or weed that is worth ten dollars.  He hands it to me and at the same time I hand him my money. The only problem was that it was wrapped in a newspaper and not in a clear small plastic bag.

I didn’t think about questioning it, because the guy was intimidating and there are cops lurking around everywhere. These undercover cops come in so many forms at Washington Square Park. You can tell a cop, because it’s a homeless person who is a little more articulate and observant than usual. Sometimes it’s a gay person who does not look really gay but they have a mean looking manly face while sporty daisy dukes. Usually that seem to be the undercover police scene out in Washington Square Park as far as I could see. With all that in mind it’s a big bowl of anxiety, so I got what I was given and I took off.

When I got home, I opened the newspaper wrapped in weed and it was a big stem and sprinkles of garbage weed worth 10 cents not ten dollars. In other words I got burned.  “how to buy weed in new york

That was Butch’s experience in buying weed in Washington Square Park. It was horrible and it didn’t work out for him; in addition, when he jerked off to porn hub later that night, it made him feel like less of a man.

Don’t do anything illegal. That’s the moral of the story !!!


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