youth STD outbreak

Youth STD Outbreak Explosion expected in the United States, like right now

Are we on the verge of a youth STD outbreak?

A youth STD outbreak is inevitable:The Center for Disease Control warns that a high percentage of people in the age range of 15-25 who are covered by their parents insurance through the Obama care expansion refuse sexual and reproductive health care (STD testing). It becomes a problem when you consider the youth in the age demographic who are extremely sexually active combined with their refusal to check themselves for STD’s will eventually lead to an outbreak within this age group.

The CDC reports that people in this age group of 15-25 are embarrassed to talk to a doctor about issues involving reproductive and sexual health care for the main reason that they do not want their parents to know, out of fear. It gets even worse if the kid’s parent is present during the doctor visit. So, the real killer here in this medical mishap of an outbreak waiting to happen is confidentiality and fear thereof. The rate of people seeking care regarding sexual health is higher for people of this age group who are not afraid of their parents knowing than it is for the people in this group that are afraid of their parents knowing.

The Issue Jab here is that we are on a dawn of an STD epidemic. The center for disease control gave an estimate in a family growth survey: out of 17 million people who are 15 – 25, twelve percent are denying sexual and reproductive care. In other words, there are 2 million people who may be wet humping each other like bunnies, may feel that they are suffering STD symptoms and are not getting tested because they are afraid their parents will find out; yet they are still having sex!

Imagine a woman who appears to be healthy; she is 20, in college and under her parents insurance. She has sex with someone in her dorm, she starts to experience STD symptoms but she does not get herself checked out because of embarrassment of her parents finding out. The next day, she goes to a night club to dance away her worries of STD symptoms, she meets an unhappily married man in his 30’s or 40’s. The unhappily married and middle aged man now has sex with the woman who is twenty years old, he may catch that STD, give it his wife, his wife kisses their kids, and GOD forbid, now the poor guy’s kids have pink eye! Now imagine the actual number of the CDC statistic, of the two million kids who are refusing sexual health care, there might be at least 10,000 who may have caught an STD, never got checked and are still sexually active! With multiple partners and a “girls drink for free night,” it can lead to a real problem.

Furthermore and unfortunately, it gets worse, because this demographic of 15-25 year olds who are sexually active and refusing medical care for sexual health also includes the LBGT communities in addition to the straight communities. This credible youth STD outbreak has the potential to have legs, tentacles and an iphone, so please be careful.

The solution: masturbate or make sure you and your partner are not having sex with more than one person or the same person behind each other’s back…


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